Non-Surgical Face Lift in Houston

Has it started to feel like the passing of time is negatively impacting your skin? Do you worry a surgical procedure is your only option for addressing the effects of the aging process? Consider a non-surgical face lift in Houston. This minimally invasive procedure harnesses the volumizing and tightening benefits of EuroThreads to lift sagging skin and promote a smoother appearance. Explore the possibilities of this skin rejuvenation treatment method during a consultation with us at ShineMD Medspa & Liposuction Center.

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

A non-surgical face lift is an effective alternative in Houston to traditional surgical facelifts. Our professional uses EuroThreads, which are threads made of biodegradable polymers. When they are administered, they encourage the natural production of collagen and elastin. They may help effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted signs of aging by providing contouring, lifting, tightening, and volumizing benefits. There are different types of EuroThreads available for different types of concerns.

What Could I Expect From The EuroThreads Experience?

Our EuroThreads treatments are performed on an outpatient basis in the comfort of our Houston office. During your non-surgical face lift, each thread is carefully and strategically administered into areas of concern. The types of threads are carefully chosen based on your skin, experiences, and goals. Once the thread is administered, it adheres to tissues and promotes collagen and elastin production.

Non-surgical face lift sessions are relatively short, and there is no set downtime associated with them. You should be able to get right back to your everyday activities! While you may experience some initial lifting following treatment, it is important to keep in mind the best results may take some time to see. It is important to allow your body plenty of time to respond to the production of these important tissues.

Could This Treatment Be Right For Me?

One of the most exciting benefits of the non-surgical face lift in Houston is that it does not require any surgical measures. It is a minimally invasive alternative for those who are seeking non-surgical techniques. This procedure may be effectively performed on most skin types to achieve a rejuvenated appearance.

To determine your candidacy, we recommend a consultation with our professionals. During your visit, we will examine your skin, evaluate the treatment area, and discuss your goals for treatment. We work with you to develop your personalized approach to treatment.