Our clinic can help you eliminate your unwanted excess fat. Performed by our skilled plastic surgeons and team, liposuction in Houston is one of the most advanced FDA-approved surgical treatments designed to eradicate stubborn fat permanently.

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This treatment can be incredibly transformative and life-changing for our patients. Not only does liposuction permanently blast your fat away, it also tightens sagging, loose skin, thereby toning and defining your muscles. You can use liposuction to treat several areas of your body at once, depending on your needs. When performed by our talented plastic surgeons, liposuction results can last for decades, perhaps even the rest of your life.

What Can I Expect During My Liposuction Procedure?

During your liposuction treatment in Houston, our team will strategically and precisely remove excess fat from the desired treatment areas. Liposuction will:

  • Slim and contour your body
  • Tighten your body and expose muscle definition
  • Remove excess skin and tissue
  • Tighten sagging, drooping skin

The length of time this procedure will take, including pre- and post-operative care, will depend on which and how many areas you want to treat. During your initial consultation, our medical team will thoroughly prepare you on what to expect during your individual procedure and how to optimize your surgery and recovery.

Liposuction is an advanced procedure that requires plenty of rest and relaxation for a complication-free recovery. Most of our patients can return to work after a full week of rest, but your plastic surgeon will make specific recommendations based on your individual needs. Depending on the treatment area, using a compression garment may accelerate recovery time.

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Am I the Ideal Liposuction Candidate?

The ideal liposuction candidate in Houston is:

  • A healthy adult who is approximately 10 pounds within their goal weight
  • Has a BMI below 25
  • In good mental and physical health
  • Capable and willing to follow post-operative instructions from our team
  • Willing to lead a generally healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise
  • A non-smoker

If you do not meet these criteria, or if our medical team feels you may not be an ideal candidate for liposuction, we can recommend alternative treatments for you.

Most Popular Liposuction Treatment Areas

The most popular liposuction areas for both men and women are the stomach and love handles, which are commonly the locations of unwanted fat. Other popular areas include the back, chest, arms, and inner thighs. If you want to have liposuction in more than one treatment area, we can help design the ideal surgical strategy and create a combination treatment plan to suit your time and budget.

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Results From Your Liposuction Treatment

Once liposuction removes your fat cells, they cannot regrow. Liposuction is permanent, so long as you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. Following your liposuction procedure, our Houston medical team recommends you follow a healthy, nutritious diet and a good exercise plan—to prolong your beautiful results and enjoy your new body for years to come.

Mental, Emotional, and Psychological Benefits

Beyond the aesthetically life-changing benefits of a trim body, you may also experience immense mental, emotional, and psychological benefits. Many of our patients report liposuction has transformed their lives, inspiring and motivating them to prolong their results with a healthy and active lifestyle. Our patients often share that liposuction has positively affected their social, professional, and romantic lives.

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Dr. Shine

Meet Dr. Pranav

Dr. Pranav Shukla aka. (Dr. Shine) has always had an affinity for helping others. It is what inspired him to study medicine—Dr. Shukla aka. Dr. Shine did his residency in family medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital, where he served as Chief Resident. After finishing his residency, he pursued his career in emergency medicine. Dr. Shukla has over a decade of experience in emergency medicine and has received professional recognition for his instrumental role in the start-up of Baytown Neighbors Emergency Center. He served as a Medical Director of Baytown Neighbors Emergency Center. Dr. Shukla has over a decade of experience working as an emergency room physician in the trauma center. He also served as a Board Member of Avail Lake Charles Hospital.

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Achieve Your Dream Body With
Liposuction in Houston

When you have fat in your stomach, thighs, legs, arms, back, or butt that prevents you from living your best life, we can help. Our surgeons can remove your unwanted fat, tighten your skin, and enhance your muscle definition. Liposuction in Houston has transformed the lives of countless people—and you can be next.

Our patients trust our team for liposuction treatments for all their problem areas. Liposuction can expertly and permanently remove unwanted fat all over the body. To find out more about liposuction treatment options, contact our clinic today.

What Our
Clients Say…

Best decision ever! I'm more than pleased with my Lipo 360 results and I'm barely 4 weeks can't wait for my final results. Didn't know what to expect but Dr. Shine did an amazing job. All staff are very knowledgeable of every procedure.

May 10, 2023

ShineMD is the place to go! Dr.Shukla is so kind and really cares about not only his patients, but the high quality patient care. His staff is so attentive and fun you can tell everyone loves the work place. I always felt so comfortable going for any procedure and cared for when receiving care. I would recommend ShineMD to everyone!

Gladys G

Dr.Shine all I can say is wow!! I had my surgery in September and the results so far are amazing!! His staff is very caring and full of life! I literally mean we laugh and have fun!

Bonnie S

This place has been amazing from my consultation to surgery to post op care! Everything was handled smoothly and efficiently from start to finish and I’m loving my results and post op care so far!

Naba S
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