Kybella in Houston

When you want to eliminate your double chin without surgery, Kybella may be the right procedure for you. Kybella is a targeted, minimally invasive cosmetic injection that permanently dissolves fat and removes it from your chin.

With Kybella in Houston, you can achieve a defined chin, a more chiseled face, and a more angular jawline–with no surgery or scars. This procedure is ideal for patients–both male and female–who experience a soft, undefined, or double chin. This treatment can transform your face and bring balance to your facial features, helping you look and feel more attractive than ever. Learn more about Kybella in Houston by calling our MedSpa today.

Men and Women Can Enjoy the Benefits of Kybella

Kybella is the ultimate non-surgical treatment to fix a double, soft, or weak chin. Kybella is also popular among our Houston male clients who want a more masculine-looking face with a sharp, chiseled jawline. For our female clients, it is equally as popular to reduce the look of “baby face” and “fat face” and to enhance the angularity of the jawline.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is a dermal injection treatment. It uses a special bio-compatible compound that destroys unwanted chin fat. Your body will process the unwanted fat through your natural waste system. This treatment only attacks fat cells–your remaining cells are completely unaffected. Kybella is safe, FDA-approved, and can permanently erase fat from the chin.

Kybella Injection Procedure

Each Kybella session takes less than half an hour and is performed at our clinic by one of our professionally trained Houston medical injectors. First, we will cleanse your skin. After determining exactly where to perform the Kybella treatment, our team will strategically inject it into your chin. You will start noticing results from your Kybella double chin treatment after four weeks, as the results are gradual. You will see full results within three months.

Things You Should Know About Kybella

  • Nonsurgical reduction of a double chin (submental fullness, which is the fat around the chin and jawline)
  • KYBELLA® can be used to treat excess fat in areas such as bra rolls, axillary fat, stomach fat, and banana rolls(fat under the buttocks).
  • Minimal bruising or swelling compared to liposuction.
  • Wear make-up the same day and return to a normal routine.

Benefits Of Kybella Treatment

  • Reducing excess fat in the chin that is not responding to diet and exercise
  • Minimizing chin fat (submental fat) without surgery
  • Long-term improvements to your profile and appearance
  • Dr. Shukla recommends Kybella injectable treatment to his patients looking to improve their double chin appearance and jaw contouring.

How Many Sessions of Kybella Will I Need?

The majority of our patients in Houston need three to six Kybella sessions for optimal results. There is some individual variation in the number of sessions required because each patient has different needs and a different chin profile.

However, once you complete your Kybella treatments, you do not need touch-ups. Kybella destroys your fat cells permanently–they will never grow back.

Your results from Kybella will last a long time, even permanently, as long as you carefully follow the recovery instructions provided by our expert medical team. We will provide these directions well in advance of your procedure to help you achieve an optimal outcome and recovery.

Eliminate Your Double Chin With Kybella in Houston

In just a few short sessions at our clinic, you can get rid of your double chin forever while achieving a perfectly defined, angular, and chiseled jawline. Kybella in Houston is an ideal treatment for men and women who want to enhance the appearance of their chin and jaw structure. Contact our team today to discuss your aesthetic goals.

Kybella Houston FAQ

Dr. Shukla will recommend a proper treatment plan based on the amount of fat in your chin area.

Before your treatment, your provider marks the target treatment areas and applies topical numbing cream or ice to ensure your comfort and marking

You will then receive between 20 and 30 tiny injections.

Kybella reduces chin fat with a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that breaks down fat cells.

Once the fat cells are gone, they can never return, revealing a slimmer jawline and trimmer face profile without surgery.

This varies, but most patients require about two days to return to normal activities.

You may experience swelling for up to a week.

Kybella involves a series of treatments. Depending on the amount of fat you have and your desired goal, you may need 4 to 6 treatments.

The most common side effect of Kybella is swelling, which is actually a sign that your treatment is working.

As with any injection, patients can sometimes experience mild pain, redness, or bruising at the injection site.

These side effects are normal and subside naturally on their own within a few days to weeks after treatment.

Most patients begin to see improvements within a few weeks to months following treatment. Typically, patients need a series of treatments to see optimal results.

The cost of kybella treatment depends upon the correction and the number of kybella treatments you need for the correction.

It ideally ranges between $1300 to $2500 based on the number of treatments.

Coolsculpting is a nonsurgical alternative for the treatment of double chin.

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive treatment that treats double chin and helps with skin tightening.