RADIESSE® in Houston

Aging can be a disheartening process. One day, you wake up and start noticing wrinkles and lines on your face. You probably have tried different skincare routines, over-the-counter treatments, or a mixture of both. When you want a longer-lasting change, RADIESSE® in Houston might be the key to helping you achieve a rejuvenated face.

Looking your best comes from inner confidence. In our MedSpa, we can help you see the results you have been seeking with non-invasive RADIESSE injections. These injections are different than the other fillers because of their contents. The goal of RADIESSE is to help stimulate natural collagen production within your skin – a protein that you start losing as you age.

The Magic of RADIESSE®

While there are other dermal fillers available, RADIESSE is unique because it contains a synthetic mineral called calcium hydroxylapatite. This is similar to the mineral found in your teeth and bones. One RADIESSE injection combines the mineral with a suspension. The goal of calcium hydroxylapatite is to stimulate collagen within your skin to help remove future wrinkles and fine lines.

RADIESSE helps to resolve more prominent wrinkles by adding volume to the targeted areas. The goal of this non-invasive injection is to help enhance your natural beauty while giving you a more youthful appearance in the areas you want addressed.

Treatment Areas for RADIESSE®

RADIESSE injections given in our Houston office can target many areas on your face. More commonly treated areas are the lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, laugh lines, and cheeks. The treatment areas can vary based on your specific needs. RADIESSE is a customized treatment that needs to be catered to your desired results. In your initial consultation with one of our trained injectors, we will review which areas you want to treat. Our team will evaluate your anatomy and advise you on the best areas to address.

Your RADIESSE® Appointment

During your initial consultation, our team will answer all questions and provide you with educational material to help you understand the mechanism of the non-invasive injection further. At your next appointment in Houston, you will receive the RADIESSE injections in the targeted areas of your choice. The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes – this will depend on your comfort level and the number of areas targeted. Once your appointment is done, you will be able to continue your daily schedule as normal.

The Results of RADIESSE®

The magic of using RADIESSE injections is the ability to see results immediately. Similar to other dermal fillers, you will see results shortly after your appointment. The results will continue to expand and further enhance your youthful appearance. The full results for this calcium hydroxylapatite injection will vary based on your skin – one week is the average time, however.

The unique feature of RADIESSE versus other dermal fillers is how long the results last. Some people see results for up to 24 months. At this point, you may want another injection to stimulate further collagen production in your previously targeted areas. The metabolization of the RADIESSE injection depends on your own body.

Take Your First Step With RADIESSE® in Houston

Do not wait any longer to start your journey to a more youthful appearance. Give us a call today to schedule RADIESSE in Houston. Our experienced team is ready to help you achieve your desired face once again. With the process being outpatient, you can make this appointment a part of your day – rather than your whole day. Start boosting your confidence today and get ready to see a new and more refreshed face. Contact us to discuss your aesthetic goals.