Dermaplaning in Houston

Frustrated with the texture of your skin and how it impacts your complexion? With the help of dermaplaning in Houston, you may be able to achieve skin so luxuriously smooth and soft that makeup glides on like silk, and skincare products absorb deeply for maximum luminosity! Discover the benefits of this skin care treatment during a consultation with us at  ShineMD Medspa & Liposuction Center.

What Is Dermaplanning?

Dermaplaning is a topical exfoliation treatment in Houston to promote smooth skin and a healthy complexion. With the assistance of a specialized tool, it effectively removes and exfoliates the top layer of skin. This works to remove build-ups of excess dead skin cells, which can lead to breakouts or other skin blemishes. It also removes vellus hairs, or the “peach fuzz,” which can impact the texture of your face and the effectiveness of skincare products and makeup.

What Can It Be Used To Treat?

Dermaplaning is an effective exfoliation treatment in Houston that may help:

  • Brighten dull skin
  • Enhance absorption of skincare products
  • Improve makeup performance
  • Increase cellular turnover
  • Promote a healthy, glowing complexion
  • Remove dry, dead skin
  • Smooth skin

Exfoliation is an essential part of any skincare routine, and this treatment relies on this to encourage healthy skin.

Dermaplanning FAQ

Dermaplaning treatments are performed on an outpatient basis in the comfort of our Texas office. During these treatments, a special sterile tool is used to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin. The sensation is generally painless as it scrapes away excess dead skin cells and peach fuzz hairs on your skin.

There is no downtime associated with these exfoliating treatments, and you should be able to resume most of your daily activities! You may notice some pinkness or sensitivity on your skin right after treatment, but this should subside shortly after your session. For the best results, a series of regular treatments may be recommended.

Most generally healthy adults may be able to benefit from a dermaplaning treatment! These exfoliating treatments can be performed on most skin tones and types. This treatment method may be particularly appealing for individuals seeking a way to gently remove some types of unwanted hair on the face.

To determine if this treatment is right for you, we recommend a consultation with our professionals in Houston. During your visit, they will examine your skin and discuss your goals to help develop your personalized treatment plan.