What is PRP treatment, and how can it help with the fat transfer(Buttocks/Breast) results?

As we age, the shape of our bodies also grows. The size and shape of one’s curves frequently rely upon fat stores. Fat cells prepare energy, so we as a whole need them, yet we need them arranged in the ideal spots. This fat can easily be transferred to the right spots through the Fat transfer process. The body does reject over sometimes 50% or more fat after the transfer, so to enhance to results and improve the outcome, PRP treatments after the fat transfer procedure are getting very popular.

PRP treatment,

What is fat transfer?

Fat transfer is otherwise called fat grafting, and it harvests living cells from your own body to make further enhancements as per your preferences. If you have an overabundance of fat in your midsection, thighs, flanks, or back, for instance, ShineMD can help you eliminate the fat and shape your curves. Through the interaction of liposuction, the specialist extricates undesirable fat cells through a slim tube called a cannula. The cannula washes fat stores with tumescent fluid to mollify them. When the fat cells are relaxed, the cannula delicately vacuums them from the body.

The fat cells are then purified, eliminating irrelevant plasma and any excess tumescent liquid. Next, the layers are divided, and the most suitable fat is gathered for use in a transfer methodology. Finally, medical experts use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to intensify the body’s capacity to acknowledge the fat transfer appropriately.

What are PRP treatments?

There have been thousands of studies of the effect of PRP treatment on various subjects.  PRP or Platelet-rich plasma treatment uses infusions of a combination of the patient’s own platelets and stem cells to speed up the healing process. Along with this, PRP infusions use every individual patient’s own healing frame to improve the ability to heal.

PRP infusions are set up by taking somewhere in the range of one or a couple of tubes of your own blood and spinning it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets and separate them from white blood cells. These concentrated platelets are then infused straightforwardly into the area of concern. It delivers growth factors that energize and increase the number of reparative cells your body produces.

It was initially used for sports medicine, promoted wound healing after burns or surgeries for a long time, and showed amazing results in the research studies. Platelet-rich plasma PRP therapy has been used for decades for wound healing, osteoarthritis of knees, rotator cuff injuries, torn tendon, tennis elbow in sports injuries to help reduce the pain and accelerate the natural healing process. Nowadays, PRP treatments are getting very popular in the cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery world. It is also used on the face(vampire facial) for skin rejuvenation, vampire breast lift, hair loss, sexual wellness (p-shot, O-shot), etc.

Fat transfer with PRP

Fat transfer with PRP

Effects of PRP can help to improve the results of the fat transfer process too. The platelets in your own blood will work with the smooth-shifting of fat cells to guarantee their new home in your body acknowledges them. At that point, the PRP solution is infused into your body, where your filtered fat is likewise being added. PRP assists your fat cells with supporting the move and adjusts to their new areas.

Before and After gallery.

Fat transfer is the way to take undesirable body fat from different body pieces through liposuction and handling it before infusing it to the upper part of the breast and in the cleavage area. It is an immediate improvement. Also, since it’s quick, the unexpected development of the breast can cause blood vessels to be obstructed, causing a few parts of the breasts or the nipples to lose sensitivity.

So an ideal approach to keep away from that is to ensure sufficient collagen and development factors are provided, well in an abundance of the area’s requirements. That is the reason to join the Fat Transfer technique with Platelet-Rich Plasma.

In this combination, the specialist adds PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) from the patient’s blood to the fat when preparing the fat, which incorporates many blood-determined development factors and tissues containing collagen for skin revitalization. It is one of the popular nonsurgical breast lift procedures in recent times.

The finished outcome is then infused in the PRP Injection. The result is firmer breasts with an enhancement of size and changes in the breast’s skin texture and shape. Also, there’s no concern about losing sensitivity. Results commonly last from 9 to 18 months.

If you have consistently wished the mass on your flanks and thighs could unexpectedly gather up their bags and migrate to your backside, wish no more! ShineMD can strengthen your vision with a Brazilian butt lift. It is a cosmetic procedure that adds definition and volume to your buttocks.

In the first place, our clinical experts eliminate the areas of concern close to your buttocks with liposuction. They are, as of now, looking better by comparison! Yet, there’s something additional. Dr. Shukla will move your refined fat to the buttocks, lifting its look and balancing your profile. PRP assists your cells with imparting and separate themselves, making their progress smooth and effective.

Preparations and Procedure for PRP treatments

Preparations and Procedure for PRP treatments after the Fat Transfer.

During your discussion, you will get detailed directions on how to proficiently plan for fat transfer with PRP assistance. Your clinical professional will draw a small example of blood to work with the PRP cycle. He will likewise manage the necessary anesthesia to keep you comfy through the fat extraction procedure.

The span of your medical procedure will rely upon how extensive the fat transfer is. Dr. Shukla will concentrate exclusively on your wellness needs and cosmetic desires. He will ably put any incision to be just about as invisible as could be expected. Your clinical professional will tenderly stitch your cuts shut to start the recuperating process when the procedure is done.

Results and Recovery

Results and Recovery

The recovery time totally depends upon the areas of concern and the extensiveness of fat transfer. Kindly adhere to your primary care physician’s guidelines to guarantee the most helpful recovery possible. As the swelling starts vanishing, your satisfying shapes will arise. Your “trouble spots” will reduce as your shapely new attitude takes flight. There are no side effects of PRP treatment.

As mentioned above, the results may last up to 9 to 18 months after the PRP treatment procedure.

In the end, if you’re someone looking for PRP Fat transfer procedure, feel free to get medical advice with ShineMD Medspa and Liposuction Center based in Houston, TX. Our team will share its expertise with you during the one-on-one consultation. Make sure you share your history and glimpse of future desires with your medical expert. Connect with us by visiting our website. Also, you can contact  832.509.5099 to schedule your consultation.

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