Post-Liposuction Surgery in Houston

After your liposuction surgery, our cosmetic surgeon and staff are compassionate and knowledgeable about safe recovery. They will keep you well-informed about the phases of your recovery and the symptoms you may experience. There are treatments you can undergo to relieve your pain and swelling, as well as minimize any scarring. Our clinic offers lymphatic massage, ZWave, and EMSlim to help you through post-liposuction surgery in Houston.

What Is the Post-Liposuction Surgery Period?

Post-liposuction surgery, post-operative, or recovery phase is a critical period after liposuction where you can expect to experience some swelling and pain after removing excess fat from targeted areas of your body. You need to take specific steps to ensure proper rehabilitation and reduce the risk of complications.

During the post-liposuction surgery period, it is important to stay in communication with your Houston surgeon. Because you will retain water and experience inflammation, you may appear larger than before. After these symptoms subside, you should be thinner and more toned.

What Should You Expect During the Post-Liposuction Surgery Period?

At our clinic in Houston, we want you to understand the different stages involved in your post-liposuction surgery.

During the first two days, you may experience pain and swelling. Compression garments minimize inflammation and promote skin contraction. It is important to rest and avoid strenuous activities.

Swelling and bruising are common up to seven days after liposuction. You can use cold compresses and elevate the treated area. While it is normal that fluid can drain from your incision sites, please contact our team if you have any concerns.

In the next seven days, you will begin to truly recuperate, and your sutures or adhesive strips may be removed. It is still important to rest and compress the treated areas and avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent hyperpigmentation.

You can gradually resume activities between two and four weeks. Within six months, your swelling, bruising, and scarring should have significantly subsided, and you will notice how much your body has changed. You should fully recover within twelve months. Residual swelling and skin changes will resolve. You should be able to engage in your regular exercise routine and activities freely.

Your surgeon will assess your progress and may make further recommendations at your follow-up appointments. While discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common, severe pain, excessive swelling, or signs of infection should be reported immediately.

Options for Liposuction Recovery

At our Houston clinic, we are excited to offer lymphatic massage, ZWave, and EMSlim to help you with your post-liposuction surgery period.

Lymphatic massage is a therapeutic technique that involves gentle, rhythmic, and specific movements that follow the direction of lymph flow. Our specialists use light pressure and circular motions to stimulate the lymphatic vessels under the skin to balance your body’s fluids, reduce edema, boost immune function, and remove waste. The muscle contractions and external manipulation of the massage help to move the fluid.

ZWave is a powerful technique that relieves the swelling and firmness that occurs after liposuction. It uses gentle pulses of acoustic waves to reduce post-operative swelling and promote lymphatic drainage. It can smooth cellulite and treat stretch marks and scarring. Energy is sent through the skin to impact the collagen structure and connective tissue, increasing blood flow, and cell rejuvenation.

ZWave has almost no side effects and three to five sessions equal four to six weeks of manual massage. Although the treated area may be red or tender, this typically heals within a week. You may also experience muscle soreness, though you should be able to get back to your routine relatively quickly. Expect a gradual improvement of your skin with long-lasting results.

EMSlim is a non-invasive therapy that uses radio frequency heat and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to eliminate fat and build muscle. EMSlim helps you build muscle, burn fat, and tone your body without extended downtime and anesthesia risks.

Red light therapy, or low-level laser therapy, is a non-invasive treatment that uses red or near-infrared light to heal you at the cellular level. This procedure is great for many reasons after you have had liposuction. It helps to stimulate wound healing around the incisions and reduces inflammation. You may notice that your pain dramatically decreases, and you start feeling better faster. Another bonus of red light therapy is that it can tighten your skin, due to its ability to help you produce collagen.

Ask About Post-Liposuction Surgery in Houston Today

After liposuction, our team understands your needs during this critical phase. Your post-liposuction surgery in Houston should go smoothly with the help of our dedicated team. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, call us today.