Red Light Therapy in Houston

Challenges with skin conditions do not just happen with age. Visible signs of aging can be attributed to a lower production of collagen that occurs as you age. Collagen is a structural protein that gives your skin firmness and smoothness, contributing to a youthful appearance.

Other skin conditions can happen throughout life, such as acne scars, actinic keratosis, and rosacea, which may also respond to red light therapy. Our team also uses this therapy for post-op care to encourage a smooth recovery. When you want a non-invasive treatment that can help improve your skin appearance, consider red light therapy in Houston. Our MedSpa offers several treatments that can help you address your concerns.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

This emerging treatment has shown significant promise in treating skin challenges that are associated with age, as well as acne, scar tissue, and redness. The source of red light in the visible spectrum of light was discovered during a space shuttle flight in 1995 when astronauts tending plant growth noticed that scratches on their hands began healing. NASA then funded several years of research using red lights in human trials and discovered that it could be deliberately administered as a type of photomedicine for healing.

Visible red light penetrates skin tissue much deeper than other light wavelengths, such as green or blue. Typically, Houston red light therapy uses a handheld device that emits low wavelength red light, 620 to 750 nanometers, over your skin, which helps promote collagen production.

The light stimulates increased cellular energy production, which could lead to a variety of other health benefits. The full effectiveness of red-light therapy has not yet been determined, but there is evidence that it stimulates collagen production and increases fibroblast production, which also supports collagen.

What Are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy devices in Houston can target a specific area of the body or can be delivered using a large device to expose the whole body. Red light therapy activates your cellular mitochondria so that they can do their jobs more efficiently.

As opposed to laser therapy, which triggers controlled damage to the skin, red light therapy does not cause trauma but speeds healing time and boosts cell activity. There is a long list of benefits from red light therapy, including the ability to help boost blood circulation to the area and reduce inflammation, which in turn helps wound healing. Other common skin conditions that have responded to red light therapy include psoriasis, eczema, hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia, stretch marks, and improving skin texture.

There are no significant side effects from red light therapy. However, some people should not use red light therapy, such as those who have a medical condition or are on a medication that makes them photosensitive. Women who are pregnant should also avoid red light therapy as it has not been well studied in pregnancy and a growing baby.

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Red light therapy improves skin quality over time, so results are more natural looking. When you are looking for improvement in your skin texture, treatment for skin conditions, or a recovery tool after surgery, consider red light therapy in Houston. Call our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.