FUPA Liposuction in Houston

FUPA (fat upper pelvic/pubic area) liposuction is for patients who wish to eliminate excess, unwanted fat above the pubic bone. This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to help both men and women achieve a flat bikini line and smoothen this region.

Our clinic, staffed by top cosmetic surgeons, excels at FUPA liposuction. For more information about FUPA liposuction in Houston, speak to our team today and see if this treatment is right for you,

What Is a FUPA?

FUPA stands for fat upper pelvic (or pubic) area and is a slang term for fat located above the pubic bone. In some patients, this fat pad bulges out and can be visible in bathing suits, gym clothes, underwear, and tight clothes, which can cause personal and social discomfort. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to having fat accumulate in certain areas, including above the pubic region, which can make it difficult to eliminate your FUPA with diet and exercise alone. Luckily, we offer liposuction services to target stubborn fat in the upper pelvic region at our location in Houston so patients can start their journey to becoming a slimmer, healthier-looking version of themselves.

Am I a Good Candidate for FUPA Liposuction?

Healthy adult men and women with no chronic health conditions may be suitable candidates for FUPA liposuction if cleared by our medical team. The criteria for  ideal candidates for this procedure consists of the following:

  • Patients who have experienced rapid weight loss
  • Previously overweight individuals who have had bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery, or abdominoplasty
  • Younger, slimmer women who are at a healthy weight but wish to have a flat bikini line
  • Patients who have undergone vaginal or C-section childbirth

Our cosmetic surgeon in Houston can walk you through the logistics of the FUPA liposuction procedure and help you assess if you qualify.

The FUPA Liposuction Procedure

Though liposuction is itself a complex surgical procedure, FUPA liposuction is relatively simple and non-invasive. Only two incisions are required, one on either side of the pubic bone. These incisions can also be concealed along the groin crease. Through these incisions, excess fat is removed.

This procedure is completed under local anesthesia at our clinic, and only takes a few hours. After a brief monitoring period, patients are free to go home and resume their normal activities.


The recovery period from your upper pelvic liposuction in Houston will take approximately two weeks. During this time, you should rest and abstain from high-impact activity. Gentle exercise and sexual activity can be resumed after one week. Our specialists will provide you with a full list of recovery instructions during your initial consultation.

Reach Out to Our Houston Office About FUPA Liposuction

FUPA liposuction has helped our patients achieve confidence and satisfaction with their bodies. If you are considering obtaining FUPA liposuction in Houston, speak to our medical team. Our top cosmetic surgeon will be with you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to your last follow-up appointment. Schedule your initial consultation with our expert medical team today.