Fat Grafting in Houston

Fat grafting is an ideal procedure to add volume to the face–including the cheeks, chin, and lips–as well as the breasts and buttocks. If you are looking for a more natural way to restore lost volume without the use of synthetic dermal filler, fat grafting may be perfect for you. This body sculpting procedure uses your own body fat to restore–and even add–volume to where you want it, be it your face, breasts, or buttocks. It is a relatively natural process, especially compared to surgery or synthetic fillers. For more information about fat grafting in Houston, connect with our aesthetic surgeon today.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat transfer, also called autologous fat transplantation or micro-lipoinjection, can help restore (and even add) lost volume to your features with your own body fat.

Fat grafting has two major benefits for our patients. The first benefit is that stubborn, unwanted fat can be removed from the stomach, hips, or arms. Not only does fat grafting add desirable volume to where you want it, but it removes volume from where you do not want it. The second benefit is that because fat transfer uses your own fat cells, it is very rare to experience an allergic reaction or complication. For these reasons, fat grafting is a popular alternative in Houston to other surgical treatments and synthetic non-surgical treatments such as dermal injections.

What Areas Can Fat Grafting Treat?

Many people in Houston want to use fat grafting for the face. Facial fat grafting is commonly used to add volume to the cheeks, chin, and lips or to correct the balance of your face. It has other uses as well–fat grafting can be used to rebalance facial features and correct facial deformities. Fat grafting can also be used to add volume and fullness to the breasts and buttocks.

Fat Grafting Treatment Procedure

Fat grafting is performed in-house at our Houston clinic by our specialist. This procedure will use local anesthesia.

The procedure treats two sites: the donor site and the treatment site. The donor site is where your fat is taken from your body. This is typically the stomach, hips, or glutes, where fat is tightly packed. The treatment site is where the fat is injected into. This is usually the face, breasts, or glutes.

The first step is cleaning the donor and treatment site. Fat is precisely removed from the donor site of your choice using a fine syringe. Once we remove your fat from the donor site, we purify it using laboratory-grade equipment. Then, our team re-injects it into the treatment site.

Often, this procedure requires a few sessions for the fat to be accepted by the treatment site. We usually recommend two to three sessions for the best results.

Results and Recovery

The recovery time for fat grafting is typically one to two weeks, during which you will be expected to not touch the treatment area while it heals. To facilitate a smooth recovery, we will provide you with personalized directions.

Many patients will be able to enjoy their results after a couple of weeks. You will experience visible fat loss in the areas that you desire to lose weight, and you will enjoy enhanced volume in the treatment area, restoring your youthfulness.

Call Us Today To Discuss Fat Grafting in Houston

Fat grafting is one of the most desirable procedures to help our patients not only restore volume where they need it but to remove volume from where they do not want it. Fat grafting can help you and your body look more youthful without intense surgery, incisions, or scars. Call our clinic to schedule an appointment for fat grafting in Houston today.