Arm Liposuction in Houston

When you feel that your arms look saggy, aged, and flabby, liposuction may be the ideal treatment for you. Arm liposuction in Houston expertly tighten skin with Vaser lipo and fat on your arms, helping you look and feel your best.

With arm liposuction, we can help you restore the youthful shape and smoothness of your arms. Consult our surgeons to discover how an arm liposuction treatment can help you regain your confidence.

Do I Need Arm Liposuction?

Many people experience insecurities about the look and shape of their arms. They do not like the appearance of sagging, drooping arm skin and tissue. These signs, typically characteristic of aging, can be caused by several factors. Genetics, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, and too much sun exposure are just a few factors that can cause the signs of aging on your arms. These factors are usually beyond your control, which can be even more disappointing.

Many of our patients who experience these issues—particularly saggy arm skin and flabby arm tissue—often feel unattractive and have low self-confidence. Houston arm liposuction can expertly remove sagging and contour your arms, reshaping and revitalizing them.

Am I a Good Candidate for Arm Liposuction?

You are an ideal candidate for Houston arm liposuction if you are a generally healthy adult with no chronic illnesses. Ideally, you are a non-smoker and can commit to a healthy and active lifestyle following your arm liposuction surgery. If you are not a good candidate for this surgery, we can recommend an alternative procedure that will better suit your needs.

Your First Liposuction Consultation

During your initial arm liposuction consultation with one of our Houston cosmetic surgeons, we will thoroughly review with you:

  • The risks, downtime, and recovery of your procedure
  • Recommended medications, vitamins, supplements
  • Your medical history, including any chronic illnesses
  • Any allergies you may have
  • What a healthy lifestyle looks like

This is a great time to ask our medical team any questions you might have about your arm liposuction procedure.

Arm Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction—the leading surgical treatment for permanent fat loss—removes unwanted fat from your arms. As a result, your arms will be contoured and shaped with precision.

Our surgeon will make small incisions on your arms as needed, taking care to ensure they are as concealed as possible. Our team uses Vaser to begin and then suctions out the fat. After we remove the excess fat, we reposition tissue and skin and gently close any incisions. Our team may place drains and a garment for recovery.

The arm liposuction procedure in Houston takes around three hours, but we recommend you schedule a full day off. It will be performed under local anesthesia for your comfort. To ensure there are no complications, our team will monitor you after your procedure, before clearing you to leave.

Rest And Recovery

For an optimal recovery after your arm liposuction procedure, be sure to:

  • Schedule lots of downtime for rest
  • Avoid vigorous movement for the first few weeks (or as directed by your cosmetic surgeon)
  • Take care to avoid overextending your arms
  • Follow a nutritious diet
  • Visit our team for follow-up appointments
  • Schedule and receive lymphatic massages

When you follow these procedures, you can expect a smooth outcome and enjoy your beautiful results.

Combination Treatments

While arm liposuction is an excellent stand-alone treatment, when you want to transform your entire body, we can help you achieve that with liposuction, as well. We offer liposuction for the thighs, back, chest, and stomach. Speak to our team about combining treatments for the most complete results.

Reveal Toned, Trim, and Defined Arms With Arm Liposuction in Houston

When you have tried everything to fix your sagging arms and nothing seems to be working, turn to us. We want to help you achieve your dream arms with precision arm liposuction.

Whether as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a complete transformation, you will love the results from your arm liposuction procedure—including your new figure and the confidence that comes with it. To book your consultation or appointment for arm liposuction in Houston, give our team a call today.