Abdomen Liposuction in Houston

Are you struggling to get rid of fat around your middle? Having a nicely contoured waistline can be impossible to get, no matter how careful you are with diet and how aggressive you are with exercise. You may still notice areas of fat that just will not go away, whether it is pregnancy related or love handles. When you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may notice that you have reached a point where you cannot make further improvements in your waistline contour.

Sometimes, the only way to get rid of fat is to physically remove it. The subcutaneous (surface) fat on your abdominal wall can be very stubborn when it comes to making changes with diet and exercise. Once diet and exercise have tackled the excess internal abdominal fat you may hit a hard stop as far as losing more inches. That is where abdomen liposuction in Houston comes into play.

No matter what your aesthetic goals are, you need to work with our liposuction specialist. At ShineMD, we know there are limits to what you can do with diet and exercise and appreciate your frustration. We also know what can be done to help you get rid of those last stubborn fat deposits to reveal the new you.

What is Abdominal Liposuction?

Abdominal liposuction is a contouring procedure that can be used alone or in combination with other procedures. The fat removed can be used for breast augmentation or even a Brazilian butt lift.

Men will find abdominal liposuction helpful when they still have a bit of a beer belly. While liposuction is not a form of weight loss it can complement weight loss, as it removes those stubborn pockets of fat without requiring more extensive surgery, such as a tummy tuck.

Both men and women may choose to address their entire waistline, front, sides, and back. This is often called circumferential liposuction or Lipo 360. You may not realize that your contour problems involve more than just your front abdominal wall. Our cosmetic surgeon in Houston can show how having more than just abdomen liposuction would give better improvement to your mid-body silhouette.

Abdomen Lipo Procedure Details

Our Houston team uses local anesthesia during abdomen liposuction for your comfort and safety. You can return home that day but will need someone to drive you. You will have some swelling where the fat was removed. A cold pack can help with swelling, and acetaminophen can help relieve pain.

You will be asked to refrain from some activities while healing, and you may wish to take some time off of work responsibilities. Incisions are tiny, and any sutures used to close them will dissolve. Results start to show almost immediately, though it will usually take about two weeks to see your new, more shapely body emerge.

Once fat cells are removed, they are gone permanently. It is this permanent change that makes liposuction so popular. Unfortunately, if you do not maintain your post-lipo weight, it is possible for your body to enlarge fat cells in other areas of your body. The few fat cells that may remain after liposuction could enlarge, and you could even gain some new fat cells in the area.

Make An Appointment for Abdomen Liposuction in Houston, Gain A New You

When you find that you have reached the end of what you can do to improve your body contours with diet and exercise but still do not like your appearance, you may be looking for a solution, such as abdomen liposuction in Houston. Make an appointment with our team to discuss your options. We know how to help get you to the body you deserve.