What makes ZWave cellulite treatment effective and attractive?

You’re dieting. You are exercising. You look incredible! But there’s one thing that’s not going to be right for fitness and dieting: cellulite. In the quest for a battle for young and flawless skin, ZWave offers a new alternative. ZWave is an innovative cellulite treatment approved by the FDA without surgery or invasive steps.


What is it?

Without surgery or needles, Z-Wave cellulite therapy uses intense bursts of radial shockwaves to break up cellulite. Cellulite pockets and other causes of dimples and lumps in the skin are squeezed and split by this wave of pulses and energy. For most areas of the body where lumpy skin is present, this procedure is successful. It provides patients with cleaner, more youthful-looking skin. Fat structures and gas bubbles are destabilized and broken up, leaving behind a cleaner appearance.


Who’s a successful candidate for cellulite treatment with Z-Wave?

Almost anyone with cellulite can receive Z-Wave. Z-Wave is also useful after a CoolSculpting procedure to help break up the frozen fat cells and speed up results.

Before looking for Z-Wave or other body contouring therapies, we recommend trying to achieve your ideal healthy weight if you are overweight. If you have had different procedures in the treatment area, such as laser skin therapy or surgery, please let your doctor know before or during your appointment.

ZWave cellulite treatment effective

How to administer Z-Wave?

In an entirely non-invasive process, the technician can glide the Z-Wave Houston wand over the treatment area. In order to help the wand slide effortlessly and securely over the skin, a gel is added to the region beforehand.


How long are my observations going to last? Is my cellulite going to come back?

For the preservation of outcomes, frequent touch-up treatments are recommended. These spot treatments would not, however, require as many applications as the original protocol for treatment. Effects are long-lasting following the initial treatment series. Individual outcomes can differ from individual to individual.

Before and After gallery.

With Z-Wave, are there any side effects?

Following your Z-Wave cellulite procedure, your skin can be a little red and warm to the touch. Other side effects are infrequent, and it is considered that this non-invasive treatment is a shallow risk. Ask our team for more detail during your appointment on what to expect after your treatment, as individual outcomes and experiences can differ.


How long does Z-Wave take for cellulite treatment?

A single treatment can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area. After 2-3 procedures, some patients show significant change, with full results seen after 6-10 therapy sessions with cellulite. It is recommended for best results to start with ten treatments as close as possible to each other, followed once a month by maintenance.


Is it painful with Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a really convenient cellulite procedure. In reality, the experience is characterized by many as being pleasurable, like a massage. It will not need any numbing or anesthesia.


What parts of my body should I use Z-Wave for cellulite treatment?

Many patients undergo therapy with Z-Wave on their thighs and buttocks. However, it is also possible to apply Z-Wave to their abdomen and upper arms.

Z-Wave for cellulite process

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