What is Laser Lipo? How it works? What is the cost?

Laser Lipo Houston

Laser lipo Houston, also called smartlipo, is a form of liposuction that reduces excess body fat through laser energy and firming the skin. You may hear the procedure referred to as laser lipolysis, SmartLipo, or laser-guided liposuction. This method of fat removal isn’t a weight loss substitute.

Laser lipo is a minimally invasive fat reduction surgery, and Its use is for the reduction of fat that hasn’t responded well to diet and exercise methods. So if you’re dealing with stubborn fat that won’t go away despite your best efforts, laser lipo may be for you. Laser lipo is one of the most famous body contouring procedures in plastic surgery.

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How Laser Lipo Works to Remove Fat and Firming the Skin?

One of the most significant differences between traditional liposuction and laser lipo is that the fat cells are liquefied with powerful laser energy. This method is known to be gentler, causing less bruising. The process works by inserting the laser fiber after numbing the area with local tumescent anesthesia to reach the fat in the deep skin layers and liquefying fat cell walls with its heat.

Your body will remove liquified fat cells through the lymphatic system.

Dr. Shukla performs smartlipo under local anesthesia. Patients do not need to go under general anesthesia with smartlipo.

What is the benefit of laser energy?

With the laser energy, the blood vessels in this layer are coagulated, helping to lessen bruising and side effects and short recovery period.

The fatty oils and cell fragments are removed, leaving you with a firmer and more contoured body. The laser energy also helps to stimulate collagen production in your skin which helps with the skin tightening or firming the skin after the procedure.

Laser Lipo Before and After gallery.

Good Candidates for Laser Lipo

You should be in overall good health and have excess fat you wish to have removed. Your skin should not be excessively lax, as loose skin may not respond well to liposuction procedures. Common body areas of treatment include the abdomen, thighs, arms, back, love handles, male breasts, and submental fat(double chin).

Patients with preexisting conditions such as poorly controlled diabetes, heart disease, and blood disorders are not good candidates for laser lipo.

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What to expect after laser lipo surgery?

Keep in mind that the exact details of each procedure vary from patient to patient.

The downtime with laser lipo is generally less than with other surgical procedures like traditional liposuction or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Expect to be able to return to your routine in just days to weeks, with limits on excessive exertion.

You need to wear garments and need lymphatic massages to help your body recover from laser lipo surgery.

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The Great LaserLipo Results

The results are visible immediately. Your results will continue to improve over a few months. You will see your results around three to six months.

Due to laser energy advantages, the results are long-lasting due to tissue coagulation and skin tightening.

What is the cost of laser lipo?

The cost varies from person to person based on their weight, areas of the treatment, and other factors. However, the price ranges from $5000 to $9000+.

Laser lipo in Houston

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