Vampire Facelift – A blessing to bring back youthful skin


Vampire Facelift, of late, has become extremely popular due to the miracles it has been showing onto the skin. This technique uses your blood and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help you look younger and beautiful. The experts use these needles to inject an important filler known as hyaluronic acid that does the magic. While the treatment is ongoing, up to 1 ml of blood is extracted from the patient’s body. Vampire Facelift is designed to work on the targeted areas of your skin where issues commonly appear due to aging. A vampire facial cannot be undertaken if Skin Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis C, or any blood-related issues if detected.

vampire facial

Let us go through the Benefits of Vampire Facelift has got which perfectly brings back youthful skin:

Increases Elasticity of the Skin: As time passes, our skin begins losing its elasticity and begins to drop down from the cheeks to the jawline. Vampire Facelifts makes it naturally tight and increases the elasticity. Tight skin gives you a uniform finish and helps you look younger.

Minimal Procedural Skin Treatment: Many cosmetic treatments require many sittings and the procedures are quite tiring. Vampire Facelift makes it comfortable for you where you will find smooth skin after your first seating. In a few cases, up to 3 – HA (Hyaluronic acid) where Filler Injection is used.

Cost-Effective:  This skin treatment has been proven cost-effective due to its lesser sittings and a more glowing effect on the skin. Ordinarily, the cost ranges up to the patient’s pocket which means it is not too expensive.

Vampire Facelift tech

Effectiveness:  Highly effective and gives higher results on the skin giving it a smoothness and firm finish. Vampire Facelift helps increase the skin’s blood flow which makes the skin look younger.

Reduces Skin Issues:  The treatment of PRP injection with HA Filler like Juvederm makes the skin firmer and helps the skin improve the texture. Skin issues like acne, black spots, wrinkles and lines, dullness of skin, dryness all are vanished by this treatment.

Before and After gallery.

Regeneration of Skin Cells: Widely known for increasing the collagen present under the skin which helps the skin to breathe. Collagen initiates the regeneration of skin cells.

Hypersensitivity: Vampire Facelift is designed to provide 100% with No Allergies and No Hypersensitivity. This treatment is specifically created knowing each skin type.

Regaining Possession: Various other treatments take months to bring out a final look that has 100% recovery. Well, Vampire Facelift other than being easy on the skin assures the quick speedy healthy recovery of the skin.

Soft Complexion:  Vampire Facelift renders a baby skin smoothness which gives a flawless complexion making your skin look 10 times younger than before.

Durability:  The first sitting and injected HA Filler gives your skin a perfect skin tone and moisturized skin texture. The durability of the skin is guaranteed for years by Vampire Facelift as their magic can change your skin health.

Vampire Facelift process

The most significant thing to remember is to avoid using make-ups for a minimum of 15 days post-treatment. If you are looking for the best and safest place for extremely great results then Shine MD Medspa and Liposuction Center, Houston, TX is the best option to choose from. Get in touch for a free consultation regarding your skin type and what will suit your face and bring back the glow!

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