Thread Lift – Why It Is The Best Option To Rejuvenate Your Facial Look

You may have applied various cosmetic products and lotions to treat the aging signs, like wrinkles and dark spots. However, what would you do when you have drooping cheeks and jowls? Some of us think that facelift surgery is the only option to control these issues. However, while you do not prefer the surgical treatments, you may rely on thread lifting process.

Thread Lift technique

How a thread lift works for you?

Also known as weekend facelift and lunchtime facelift, a thread lift is a concise, uncomplicated process that covers an hour to accomplish everything. There is no need for anesthesia, and the therapists use medical threads, made of PDO. This PDO is a type of dissolvable suture element, put into the targeted parts of your neck or face by using a small needle. The therapists pull the threads tightly to create a tightening and lifting effect on the muscles. The special threads also help with the stimulation of fibroblasts for producing natural collagen. Whether you have sagging skin or facial wrinkles, you will get a youthful look with this treatment process. Your facial feature will turn out to be highly defined.

thread lift works

The cosmetic treatment with this technique results in the ongoing rejuvenation and removes facial problems. Those who have undergone a thread lifting session to stimulate collagen growth will find better skin tone and more firmness. Due to these threads, your body will continuously have a healing process. As your body detects any foreign element, it will react naturally in this way. During this treatment session, the professionals place the small threads under your skin. That is why you may not feel the sutures easily.

Before and After gallery.

Why choose thread lift?

The most advantageous thing about this treatment is a faster recovery. While you have undergone a facelift surgery, you will need others’ assistance to reach your home from a clinic. However, in case of a thread lift, you will not have this issue. Although you may feel slight redness and soreness, you can recover yourself within a short time. In most cases, there is no need of any pain medication.

Overall, we can say that this treatment is a low-risk, non-invasive process, causing no scarring, brushing, and bleeding. The sutures are also easily removable, and thus, you may rely on this thread lift process.


apply thread lift technique

Facial parts, where you can apply thread lift technique-

The nose
The threads, inserted into your nose, improve your tip and bridge. The threads together create a scaffolding structure, lifting your nose tip. You will have a sharper nose tip. About 20 to 30 threads are essential for it.

A thread lift is the best choice to treat eyebrow ptosis. There is a need for proper repositioning of 5 to 10 threads for lifting the sagging eyebrows.

The results, achieved with a best treatment, last for 18 to 24 months. Thus, to keep up the best look, you have to repeat the treatment after every one to two years.

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