People are undergoing chemical peel these days on various body parts like the face, hands, and neck to improve the texture of the skin. The procedure involves the application of chemical solutions to the treated area which in turn causes the skin to exfoliate and peel off. It becomes really important to develop an understanding of how to take care of your skin after the chemical peel. These are certain do’s and don’ts which you can always keep in mind after undergoing chemical peeling.



1-Be gentle with your skin-Skin of the treated area becomes extremely soft and vulnerable after the treatment. You should always be gentle towards your skin and treat it with utmost care. Using exfoliators like scrubs and cleansing lotions can cause harshness to the fragile skin. Certain skincare products like retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids can cause further irritation and should be avoided.

2-Hydrate your skin in moderation-The natural skin may differ from the treated one and appear to be tight, dry, and itchy as the chemical starts working. In such a scenario, over-hydrating appears to be a tempting option. But DON’T overdoes it else the whole process of chemical peel drains away. The purpose of chemical peeling itself is to let dead and dry skin cells flake and peel away. To get the best results let the time take its own course. You just need to moisturize your skin as you were doing normally before going through chemical peel.


3-Protecting your skin after chemical peel-The skin becomes vulnerable and much more susceptible to sun burns and damage which is caused due to intense heat. It is advisable to stay away from the sun for at least two weeks after the chemical peel. You should also make a point to apply a thick layer of sun screen quite a few times a day for that extra binge of care which is much needed at this time. There is a possibility of blotchy patches and irregular coloring if these precautions are not taken seriously. So, always make it a habit to apply a rich amount of sunscreen when you step out of the bed and keep on reapplying it throughout the day.

4-Give your skin some time to rejuvenate-You have to be a little patient with your skin and give it enough time and space to heal naturally. Then only you can get the expected results from chemical peeling. It is always important to be nice to your skin as it regenerates.

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1-Don’t pick or peel-After the chemical peeling process, when the dead  skin is peeling off , you would always find it tempting to pick or pull on that loose part. It is a natural human tendency. But don’t! Just resist yourself .Let the natural process take its own course.

2-Avoid waxing-You should always avoid waxing or using hair removal cream on the treated area.

3-Do not try becoming your own doctor-In case of itching or bruises, rather than going for self-care, seek professional advice like doctors at ShineMD. We will guide you through the process to guarantee you that you get the flawless skin you have always dreamt of.


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