PRP Breast Augmentation How does it works and Why you prefer for this?

Men are always concerned about their muscle shape and size, as it reflects their masculinity. Similarly, women also think that their boobs are the best parts to reveal real femininity. Most of the women desire bigger breast size. However, the regular physical workout would not be much helpful to them to fulfill their dream. The best option for women is to look for PRP for breast augmentation treatment. Fat grafting and breast implant surgery are very common processes to augment breast size. Although they are effective, lots of women search for a safer treatment. Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is the right choice to increase the size of boobs.

breast augmentation with prp

PRP and fat transfer for breast lifting purpose

When it is a fat transfer process, the physicians take the unnecessary body fat from various other body parts. Then, they process it and inject it into your breast. You will get an instant result from this therapy. However, the sudden augmentation of your boobs may cause a blockage to your blood vessels. Your nipples may also lose their sensitivity. One of the best options for avoiding this problem is to supply the growth factors and collagen.

That is why a combination of PRP, and fat transfer would be the right choice. To accomplish this process, the physician takes the PRP from your blood. He also processes the fat transfer breast augmentation that includes a number of growth factors, derived from blood. Then, he injects the end-product just as a PRP injection. You will get a firmer and bigger breast. You will also find your breasts in better shape. There is no risk of reduced sensitivity. The result of this treatment may last 9 to 18 months and see PRP breast augmentation before and after.

Most of the women, who have chosen this process, have gained higher confidence. They have overcome the problem of sagging and aging breasts.

PRP Breast Augmentation

Can you rely only on PRP for a breast lift?

It is another process where the physicians combine no other treatment with PRP breast augmentation. Some women have no complaint about their boob size. Still, they think of rejuvenating their skin to have a youthful look. They can choose only PRP that will result in healthier breasts.

The physicians will take 20ml of blood, spin it, and then inject it to the target areas. PRP injection makes your breasts look better and bigger. The fullness to the boobs and attractive looking cleavage will make you appear younger.

The growth factors and the platelets of blood are biological mediators, effective for repairing and regenerating the tissues. With the infiltration of PRP into your sinuses, you can find a rise in protein synthesis and endogenous collagen development.

Before and After gallery.

Why to prefer PRP for breast lift

  • Non-invasive breast lift treatment
  • There is no need of using anesthesia
  • Minimal or no side effect from the treatment
  • More cost-effective than breast implant surgery

Thus, for these reasons, you may look for the best physicians for augmenting your breasts with PRP treatment. You will have a more feminine look with bigger boobs.

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