PDO Nose thread lift- Reshape your nose

Most of us are not pleased with the original shape of our noses. We always desire a more defined and straighter nose to add beauty to our look. In the past, we used to rely on surgical rhinoplasty to better shape our noses. Recently, there has been a trend of non-invasive nose augmentation techniques. You may have heard the term nasal fillers, one of the ways of reshaping the nose.

However, another innovative process of changing the contour of your nose is nose thread lifting. To get the best treatment with PDO Thread lift in the USA, you can visit our clinic, ShineMD Medspa. We have set up our office in Texas (Houston), and our clinicians are qualified professionals to offer nose thread lifting services.

beautiful nose after pdo thread lift

Results you get from the nose thread lift.

The thread lift treatment process helps in augmenting your nose shape without using surgical tools. It is a non-invasive nose enhancement technique with minimal downtime and fewer side effects; it has become a highly acceptable option. In addition, this process is effective for raising your nose tip and bridge.

After undergoing treatment with a PDO nose thread lift, you will find a slimmer and straighter nose. For this process, our clinicians use PDO threads that become absorbed in due course. Moreover, the dissolution of ultra-fine PDO threads will help to build new collagen and tissue fibroblasts.

As a result, it results in a tighter and firmer nose shape. From the PDO nose thread lift review, we have found that results from this treatment last for 2 years. This thread lifting process does not cause risk to your vascular tissues. It does not affect your daily activities after you get the treatment.

Before and After gallery.


Absorbable polydioxanone threads used for the nose thread lift are biocompatible. They do not cause an issue to your body. You will not need to be concerned about an ill-defined nose shape with no projection and proper height. Clinicians horizontally insert PDO threads into your nose bridge.

However, for your nose tip, they insert these threads vertically. Those threads work as a framework, helping you to reshape your nose. There are various types of threads available in the market.

When you use nasal fillers, mostly hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, these fillers can migrate and cause problems and affect facial features.

Alternative to nose fillers, surgical nose, or any surgical procedure(Rhinoplasty) with a thread lift, you will not face this issue. The unique threads remain stacked together.
To ensure the success of nose thread lift, we focus on different factors-

PDO threads for face and nose

Thread type used for the process

Polycaprolactone, Poly L lactic acid, and PDO- are commonly used threads for the non-surgical process. However, PDO is a preferable option for a nose thread lift, as it has high tensile strength.

Length and thickness of threads

These two traits make a difference in the result. Based on your original nose profile, your clinicians will choose the right threads. After you have reshaped your nose with this process, everyone will think that it is the natural look of your nose.


The number of threads needs for Nose and Face

In most cases, 10 to 12 PDO threads are inserted during facelift or neck lift. For the nose job, one to two threads are essential for every nose thread lifting session.

Where will I find clinicians for the PDO nose Thread lift near me?

Visit our clinic and have a consultation with our clinicians. Then, we check out your nose shape and start our treatment.
To learn more about PDO nose thread lift, please contact our office at 832.509.5099  or use this link to book an online consultation.

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