P-Shot: What Is It, How It Works, And Its Benefits

P-shot is one of the best types of cosmetic surgeries that people nowadays are trying. Especially the people from the States are merely mad about these cosmetics surgeries. However, there are also people around Texas, in Houston and surroundings who do not even know about what is P-shot and what are the different aspects of it. Therefore, here in this article, we are going to describe what is P-shot and what are its benefits, and side effects. What do different aspects of this cosmetic surgery and various studies tell us about it? This information will make the concept of P-shot clearer to our readers. Check it out below.

But before we start, we need to tell you what P-shot is?

The P-shot surgery involves taking platelet-rich plasma content from the patient’s blood and then inject it into your penis. Yes, P-shot involves PRP, aka platelet-rich plasma, to provide better growth to your penile tissues. That way, you will achieve a better erection.

Well, the most popular injection of different types of P-shot is the Priapus shot. This was the first known incident of P-shot marketed. The Priapus shot was the first use by Dr. Charles Runnels, who was also famous for the vampire facial of Kardashian. However, there aren’t much researches that occurred in this therapy. Therefore, consult your doctor before opting for this surgery.


Now that you know what P-shot is, here are some benefits of having this surgery.

The P-shot is actually a PRP therapy that helps in muscle recovery and joint injuries. It also helps in the treatment of some chronic health conditions. However, it is still called an experimental treatment. Here are some chronic diseases where P-shot can do miracles as an alternative way.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: P-shot might be a great alternative option to treat diseases like ED. With ED patients, most doctors hesitate to suggest medicines as most ED medications have side-effects. Apart from that, most doctors do not recommend surgeries, as well. However, with P-shot, there will be a lesser risk of side-effects.
  • Lichen sclerosis: This is another chronic health condition that occurs due to less hygiene. You can opt for P-shot to treat this as well.
  • Peyronie’s Disease: This is another chronic disease where erection makes the penis curve. This occurs due to scar tissues. Doctors are suspecting that P-shot can also cure this disease as well.
  • Another fantastic benefit of this P-shot is it enhances sexual performance, as well as orgasms.

happy couple after p shot

How much does it cost?

There are very few doctors who offer this service. Also, most of the health insurance plans do not cover up this treatment. This treatment might cost you a bit out of your pocket. However, it might depend on your service provider. ShineMD Medspa is one of the best surgery providers who will not cost you a lot.
If want to try this surgery, You can call us at 832.509.5099 to schedule an appointment also. please book a virtual consultation with us today. We would love to help you.

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