Myths and Facts about Skin Care Products

The negatives always entail the positives as being the two sides of one coin. That said, with the burgeoning cosmetic industry giving the hope of an attractive and young appearance, the inevitable myths about the associated products and procedures have also become prevalent among the masses. It is no surprise that almost everyone owns some kind of cosmetic product for their skincare routine. They tend to opt for these, relishing the benefits they provide. However, discard them when they hear some incidental myths accompanying the facts about the skin care products for treatment.

 Facts about Skin Care Products

Skin care refers to the practices that improve the health of your skin and relieve skin problems. Various products are available in the market that caters to the needs of your skin. This article will read the points that shed the light on the myths and facts about these skincare products. But, first, let’s dive into the details.

Myths to be debunked once and for all for skin care products!

Myths to be debunked once and for all for skin care products!

1. There is no need to apply sunscreen on a cloudy day.
This misconception is prevalent among the majority of people, as they know that sunlight has very ill effects on the skin. So the absence of that light will eliminate the risk of skin roughness and even other problems. However, the actual problem is the UV-B and UV-C rays contained in the sunlight. On cloudy days the light or illuminating part gets blocked by the clouds, but the UV rays pass through them, reaching the earth. Sunscreen is a kind of skincare product that helps reduce the effects of Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.
Thus, you should always use sunscreen while going out during the daytime, whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

2. If you scrub your face with beauty soap daily, the skin will remain healthy and acne-free.
It will do more harm than good if you are scrubbing your face daily with beauty soaps. The thing is, your face skin produces healthy oils and moisture to aid the process of healthy skin. So, while you scrub daily, you are washing off these oils from the skin. It will lead to various problems like rashes and even burns. Besides, washing away the extra oil will result in more vulnerable skin that is prone to losing its soft and young appearance. The scrub can even lead to wrinkles and dullness in the skin.

3. Incorporating Facials and Microdermabrasion forms a great choice.
As the spa and beauty parlor are proliferating, there has been prevalent thinking of considering facial good for your skin. These show quick results like glowing and clear skin with a fresh appearance. However, this is not the case at all. According to some studies, these facials and other microdermabrasion techniques break out the acne problems in around 80 percent of people. So, it would be better to curtail the frequent use of facials, incorporating them into your skincare routine around once in two months or less.
Skincare experts believe you should just use the gentle cleanser for your face and then apply a moisturizer afterward.

4. More expensive skin care products are more effective and safer is the choice.
After coming across this assertion, we researched thoroughly about this myth, Yes! Myth. The quality of the product nowadays is not necessarily according to its price. Many expensive products deliver worse quality than cheaper ones. So, the wise choice is to follow small research and rummage through the reviews, and then decide which product to choose. Many experts agree that most ingredients are the same present in creams and other cosmetic items irrespective of their availability in the market. So, just being blind to the majestic façade of fancy boutiques, people tend to spend comparatively higher prices than products on local shops. The chief deciding factor for printed price is the feel, lustrous packaging, and smell these companies provide. In the end, it all depends on you.

5. The available anti-aging creams can remove fine lines and wrinkles.
Many consumers fall prey to these assertions and use anti-aging creams or wrinkles creams. They tend to incorporate these creams in their daily routine, which will only moisturize the skins and plump them, hiding the fine lines. This temporary solution will provide short-lived satisfaction. According to the studies, Topical Retinoids, also known as Retinol or Tretinoin, are present in some effective creams. The creams with this component will easily penetrate the skin and further increase the skin cells to help rejuvenate the skin. These creams are fairly effective in removing acne problems as well. Besides, the effects due to sun damage or Photo-aging are considerably reduced.
Other solutions include the use of antioxidant creams with Vitamin C as a component. But be cautious as these creams might destabilize very quickly. So purchase them from a renowned and certified company.

6. Significant facts associated with Skin care products

Significant facts associated with Skin care products

Below we have enlisted some important facts to apprise you of the genuine assertions.

1. The aging process will considerably slow down while using sunscreen daily.
This is a true fact that using sunscreen daily will help facilitate the young look of skin. However, there is a problem that sunscreen might break out the skin of your face, so choosing the cream formula with zinc is the ultimate solution. These will be the non-greasy creams while being non-irritating. Hence, these come out to be the ideal solution even for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

2. Moisturizing your skin with appropriate creams will be helpful against dry skin.
The skin forms a sensitive part of the body. And moisture is an essential component for keeping the skin optimum. So, individuals with dry skin should moisturize their skin. It would be helpful to get rid of dryness and plump up the skin, further delivering the desired result. Moisturizing the skin at night also produces coveted results.

3. All the Natural products are not safe for your skin.
In the market, there are several skincare products available with the tag of Natural. These natural products are not completely composed of Natural items, as these require some base chemical solution. This chemical solution is what reaps the harmful effects for your skin in the long run. Hence, you should be cognizant of every aspect and be wary while choosing them. Just remember that natural does not mean benign.

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4. While shopping for skincare products, age is not the factor.
Many skin products that promise to give beneficial results according to the age groups are just the hype. Especially, several products are present that are specific for mature (age above 50) women. But does that mean that someone with age 45 cannot use those products? Well! To be precise, the reality is that considering the age factor is not a wise way to categorize which product to use. You just need to consider the skin type and assess the products that suit you best accordingly.

5. The products are marked as “Hypoallergenic,” which is just a marketing gimmick.
Here, you need to consider various aspects. The first thing is that this Hypoallergenic word is created to label the products improving their appeal. Another thing is that hypoallergenic imply these products are less likely to cause any allergic problems for the skin. There are possibilities that you will catch allergic reactions by employing these products. So, these might be the better option for individuals with sensitive skin, but not the definite solution.

6. Some specific products can eliminate unwanted wrinkles formed due to aging.
Honestly, many skincare products available in the market cannot completely efface the wrinkles or fine lines. The products come labeled or marketed as anti-wrinkles and provide moisturizers, antioxidants, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients to improve skin health. So, they provide necessary components, improving skin health, but cannot naturally eliminate wrinkles. Hence, we need to be wary of the marketing trends and gimmicks, not fall into the trap. And aging is normal, and so are wrinkles. However, we at “ShineMD Medspa and Liposuction Center” have specific treatments and products that can help eradicate wrinkles.

Final Thoughts 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, there are several myths and facts that we have discussed above about skin care products. Along with buying the apt products that enrich your skin, it is necessary to eat healthy foods, curtailing fast food, exercising daily, and drinking more and more water. The essential skin care products include cleansing solutions that can remove pollutants. And moisturizing lotions will keep the skin enriched and aim to remove dryness.

The various products come with different labels that bewitch the consumers and lure them to buy the product based on partially or fully false marketing assertions. Be wary! Do Research! Consult our ShineMD medical practitioner for a better understanding of your skin. We believe skin is the most important part. Moreover, every skin is different. Therefore, before using any products or going through a procedure requires expert advice.

Check out the services we provide for a better looking healthy skin to enhance your overall looks. We cent percent assure our treatments will bring out the best which you are looking for!

Myths and Facts about Skin Care Products

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