Myths And Facts About Kybella

Have you ever suffered from the fat under your chin?

It may push away your chances of getting that sharp jawline under on your selfie and even destroy your whole profile. To eliminate the chances of eliminating the dead fat cells under your chin, the kybella treatment can help.

The whole treatment method is a safe procedure and is tolerated very well. The surgical procedure is often the same as the liposuction process. The process of Kybella can remove the excess fat beneath the chin. Here we present to you some of the myths and facts about the Kybella treatment.

Double Chin

Is The Kybella Treatment Very Expensive?

No! Kybella treatment depends on the severity of your problem. The treatment cost can range from $1200 to $1800. People who have a prominent double chin have reported paying on a larger scale than those with a smaller amount of fat cells or deposits.

Still, one can notice that the kybella is still on the cheaper side as the treatment for those who wish to lose their fat cells. Our professionals will ensure that you get your best profile on your budget. We will help you eliminate the possibility of you having a fatter chin.

Will I Have To Undergo Multiple Procedures?

Not really! You might have to undergo a few treatments over weeks, but it’s not that you will be spending all your time in the hospital. The therapy works at its best level when the patient has to undergo any treatment sessions. But don’t worry, as you will start to notice good results in just about 2 to 3 treatments. Some people might take a bit of time, but we ensure that each patient will only require a maximum of one month.

Are the Injections Very Painful?

Completely false! The injections are only as painful as any other shots you might have taken for other purposes, so you don’t have to worry about them being very painful. The pain perceived by different users is different, so one will not have to care about too much pain. Also, our clinical professionals will offer you the best treatment so that you have the least amount of discomfort possible from our end. We ensure that the whole treatment will be comfortable and get you the best results.

The End Results Are Not Permanent, And Will Only Last For Few Weeks Or Months?

Not. Will The Kybella treatment, all the dead fat cells under your chin are removed so that you get the best profile. So as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and eat the right food, you won’t have to worry about more accumulation of fat and results being temporary.


Is The Treatment Only Available For Obese People?

No matter how skinny you are, you might have an accumulation of fat in one region of your body. This can be anybody’s part. If the collection of the fat is under your chin, the myths and facts about kybella treatment are for you.

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