Micro-needling Aftercare

It is evident that Micro-needling aftercare offers exceptional effects of feeling warm and tight to your beautiful skin along with becoming pink or mildly red. Though the redness will vanish away in a few hours, merely getting the treatment is not at a full stop. There implies basic routine aftercare which you will need to follow post-micro-needling to get the best out of the service. The aftercare treatment is extremely easy. The only thing which needs to be followed is consistency. If you regularly follow the tips of this article, we are sure your skin will feel like it has got a fresh new life!

Micro-needling Aftercare

Cleansing your skin

The first 72 hours of post-micro-needling is crucial. At this time you only need to splash your face with lukewarm water. For better results, you can add a gentle cleanser to the lukewarm water. The most vital part to take care of is to clean your hands before touching your face. Pat your face dry gently with a clean cotton towel.

Hydration and serums for healing

The skin needs to be healed after the treatment to get back the smoothening and irritation-free skin. At the start, your skin can feel dry and for this, you will need to apply serum antioxidants available at the dermatologist’s clinic. After serums, your dermatologist can suggest you best Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and bringing back the miniaturization.

Micro-needling procedure


As micro needling’s main goal is to stimulate the collagen level, you can use the regeneration process with collagen-stimulating peptides. It will help to level up the collagen and give a boost to the process of micro-needling.

Avoid makeup

This is the most crucial step to follow which many people forget. Using makeup that has chemicals will take away all the benefits and your clogs will be blocked. Makeup will reverse the process. Commonly you will be told not to use makeup for 72 hours but we strongly suggest not using any for a minimum of 15 days. If possible, use light make-up after a month of treatment. If you strictly follow this rule, your skin will be doing much better than others. Your skin requires healing. Give it time.

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Protect from the rays of Sun

It is always advisable to wear sunscreen when you get out of your house. But once you have got micro-needling done, you 100% without fail should wear sunscreen. Also, remember to use chemical-free lotions easily available in the market. UVA/UVB SPF 25 or higher sunscreen can be purchased.

Exfoliation is not required

Abrasive exfoliating products are not required which normally has alcohol content in it. Your skin will need healing and such strong products will be of no help. The micro-needling process in itself is the most beneficial treatment you could ever get for tighter and smoother skin. Exfoliating is in no comparison to micro-needling.

Post-treatment till 72 hours, do not do as under

– Swimming

– Direct sunlight

– Excessive sweating

Micro-needling effects will be seen beautifully till the time you take care of your skin and eat the right food. Moreover, a normal tip of drinking water will do wonders!


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