Effects of Long term Botox treatment: A Review by Dr. Shine

Treatments to get a perfect look have become easy in today’s time. Moreover, one can select which part can look how medical science can get the exact beauty with complete satisfaction. However, many treatments still require ample trust amongst others, which is why we have a blog dedicated to Botox. Botox has been popular for its fabulous effects, anti-aging properties, but some people are scared of its side effects. Our very own medical practitioner, Dr. Shine, a board-certified physician, explains the effects of long-term Botox treatment. Let’s check them out from the expert!

Effects of Long term Botox treatment

Botox treatment has already become prevalent among individuals suffering from muscle complications and is a part of almost all aesthetics or plastic surgeons’ offices. This FDA-approved Botox treatment comes in handy for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. It includes those muscles leading to undesirable wrinkles and other problems like migraines, excessive sweating, contouring muscles, etc.

We know the mental and unbearable discomfiture that one has to face because of those persisting fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Hence, individuals opt for long-term Botox cosmetic treatment to eliminate the existing fine lines and upcoming wrinkles, maintaining their appealing smooth skin.

Let us first shed some light on the question What is Botox?

Overview of BOTOX

Botox is a chemical expanded to Botulinum toxin. It is a type of protein secreted by specific bacteria named Clostridium Botulinum. This drug/protein is a neurotoxin that might be harmful in inappropriate doses. On the contrary, if Botox treatment is done under the supervision of an experienced and certified medical practitioner, it will reap those desirable results. Our medical practitioners at Dr. Shine’s Clinic hold the expertise to operate this treatment with optimum procedures. Only medical professionals and certified providers should inject Botox. Botox works by relaxing the muscles underneath.

Botox and Dysport

What are the long-term effects of Botox Injections treatments?

As asserted earlier, it is a neurotoxin that targets the muscles of the face that are the reason behind your persisting fine lines. It obstructs the signals of muscle contraction from the nervous system causing the facial muscles to paralyze temporarily. Hence, muscles beneath the skin causing wrinkles will become inactive or less stiff, making your skin smooth. If you have received this cosmetic treatment for years, there are several long-term effects that you should know. First, it reduces signs of aging.

Below we have shed some light on those effects to provide you a better understanding.

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Subsides wrinkles and fine lines

Patients are enjoying their life by taking this treatment and getting the desired face upliftment instantly. This fifteen minutes procedure gives them the results that they have wanted for years. Normally, those fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, downgrading the appeal of your face. Hence, taking this procedure frequently for years would gradually weaken the muscles, further not creasing your skin dramatically.

Obviously, anything not in use would become useless and lose its working capability, so do our muscles. However, this gradual weakening would reap positive results by reducing the number of wrinkles in the targeted area. So it is when you go for the frequent sessions of this treatment for years.

Long term effects of Botox treatments

Long term effects of Botox treatments

We have been doing the Botox treatments for years, and as per our research, the targeted region starts to debilitate with frequent sessions of Botox. The wrinkles, which It is temporarily subsided, will remain that way for longer as time passes. It is due to the weakening process, and this weakening will prove to be good for you.

The Botox injections beneath the skin in specific areas only affect selected muscles that cause the creasing of the skin. Therefore, it will turn out to be a benefit that will last longer. Besides, for longer you continue this cosmetic treatment (in safe frequency per year as prescribed by the concerned medical practitioner), the longer the results will last every time. This persistence of the desired results will increase after every treatment. This might have answered the doubt of how long does Botox lasts?

Eventually, you will start noticing the enhanced durability of the Botox treatment and no longer reappearance of frown lines on your face. The more you receive this treatment, the better the retention and the longer duration of results.

Uplifts the Confidence

Once the crow’s feet (fine lines) appear, your confidence starts to lower, and you find ways to evade the social gatherings or meet-ups. The face which makes the first impression wears those unpleasant wrinkles withering your self-esteem deep down. Believe it or not, the Botox treatment considerably helps you with your confidence boost. It partially paralyzes the muscles and makes you look younger, giving you your confidence back.

Worried? No problem, you will get used to those partially paralyzed muscles with time and relish that seamless skin. In addition, you will undergo some likely habitual changes, such as giving up frowning while you laugh that might have resulted in wrinkles in the first place. It will become a habit and will efface the chances of wrinkles appearing.

botox for migraine

Considerably reduces Migraines and Muscle spasms.

Receiving the Botox Treatment not only works for appearances but also reduces chronic Migraines and muscle spasms. The Botox treatment can deliver long-lasting effects by reducing the symptoms of migraine attacks. It could be like a new life for individuals bearing migraine headaches. The Botox would paralyze the muscles in the area responsible for migraines and prevent them from sending pain signals to your brain. Botox can also use it to treat overactive bladder.

How to increase the effects of long-term Botox treatment?

You can enhance the positive effects of Botox treatments by following the below points.

  • Staying Hydrated while drinking the water at regular intervals replenishes the skin. In addition, you should follow this Botox before and aftercare method for better results.
  • Taking a healthy diet is a must.
  • Use moisturizers or cream prescribed by the medical practitioner. Letting your skin dry might cause potential complications.
  • The Botox aftercare routine is a must, effectively treat the temporary redness or swelling.

Considerably reduces Migraines and Muscle spasms.

What is the cost of Botox?

Botox comes in 50-100 units dose vials, and normally the market price for Botox is around $12-$15/unit.

How can I get Botox for just $8.99/Unit?

ShineMD Medspa proudly offers ShineMD VIP Membership Program. ShineMD VIP members get Botox at a discounted rate of $8.99/Unit. There are no limits on the number of units anyone can get. In addition, VIP members save 10-20% of services and products.

ShineMD proudly offers an Alle rewards program that is part of the Brilliant Distinction Program offered by Allergan, a manufacturer of Botox. It can be offered for Coolsculpting, an FDA-approved treatment for permanent fat reduction, Juvederm Dermal Fillers for restoring volume in the face, Kybella for double chin removal, and other products from Allergan.

Final Words

As we have reached the ending of this article, we hope you have got the information you were searching for. We here at ShineMD have certified medical practitioners who efficiently perform this treatment with ample expertise at hand. Besides, we provide complete information about the treatment beforehand to make the patient aware of the entire treatment.

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