Laser hair removal technology – Why it is a slow process

One of the most common question in aesthetic industry people ask is how laser hair removal work? The laser hair removal technique has gained high popularity in the world of cosmetic treatments. Lots of dermatologists have chosen it to be the best process to remove unwanted body hair with the pulses of effective laser light rays, killing your hair follicles. You may have found that professionals always apply the laser light in slow motion and ensure the best result. Why does this process work slowly? Let us help you in finding the right answer by providing information about the science working behind this process. You will learn how laser hair removal process will work for the permanent destruction of follicles.

How Laser hair removal work?

During your laser hair removal sessions, professionals use ultra-fast laser rays that have a wavelength of about 1,064 nanometers. The infrared radiation of this wavelength is not visible to our naked eyes. The overall technique is based on the principle, known as elective photo thermolysis. This process is about matching the pulse duration with the light wavelength to get the best effect on your tissues. It does not damage the adjacent tissues of your body.

Dark items always absorb light, and thus, your hair absorbs a high amount of light. That is why the laser hair removal process ensures the most effective result with black, coarse hair. The best candidates are those who have dark hair and light skin. Still, you can prefer the laser technique while you have light-colored hair with darker skin.

laser Hair Removal tech

What are the unique laser hair removal benefits for you?

The process not only removes body hair but also prevents their growth in the future. The laser has the potential of killing germ cells present in your hair follicles. The effectiveness of the method is unquestionable, and scientists think that it is a safe process while done rightly.

While professionals apply the laser to your skin, they set the temperature of 200F. Surely, it can burn your hair and cause the vaporization of water. You may feel an unpleasant smell from the smoke, known as laser plume. The application of heat cause damage to cells, and we refer to this process as denaturation.

The hotter condition with the maintenance of temperature for a longer period will give you the best result. The denaturation process will increase the chance of killing cells.

Which is the best clinic for Laser hair removal near me?

You can visit our clinic, ShineMD Medspa, to get this service. We have the most certified professionals to help you in avoiding risks. Laser hair removal is the safest and fastest solution. Our clinic in Texas (Houston) has earned fame for different types of cosmetic treatments.

The duration of the process depends on the parts to be treated. We provide you with protective gear for your eyes to start the treatment session. When you feel a stinging sensation, it indicates the activation of the laser technique. You can easily restore your normal routine after the treatment. However, it is better to avoid direct sun rays.

laser Hair Removal treatment

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