Does Laser Hair Removal Work? Myths and Facts!

Does laser hair removal work? there are lots of myths about it. Here are the myths and facts whether laser hair removal work or not.

Laser: Longer lasting, Advantageous, Safer, Economical, Reliable.

Shaving, Tweezing, Waxing…too painful and hectic, right? So, go ahead and get your hair removed by Laser Hair Removal. It is a medical procedure, and as the name suggests, it uses a laser (a concentrated beam of light) to remove hair. The beam produces heat damaging the hair follicles (sacs in the skin that causes the hair growth) and hence inhibiting or delaying the future hair growth. Its effectiveness though depends on the hair and body complexions, but they can be effectively performed on all body types.

Since in the absence of facts, myths rushes in…

So let us untangle a few myths and extend the way for the facts!

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Myth-1: Safety in Laser hair removal has been proven to be absent.

Fact-1: Safety in the process depends solely on the type of system used. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved a few systems of Laser hair removal. And hence, our safety depends on our choice of the selected professional and complete knowledge on which Laser system should be preferred for safer hair removals. So invest in safer systems and avoid problems caused during and after the hair removal treatment.

Myth-2: Laser hair removal treatments cause burns and are too painful.

Fact-2: Burns from this is very rare and even if happens, it is temporary. Burns may be there but only in dark skin and for a fewer time period. Pain caused by laser hair removal could just be like a pinprick and not an unbearable pain like waxing or tweezing. There may be slight discomfort during the procedure but not much pain is caused by it.

Myth-3: Laser hair removal treatment cannot be carried out in summers.


Fact-3: Season and time of the year do not decide when to go with the hair removal treatment and when not. It’s just that the dark tan can cause an effect to the laser’s ability to target the hair follicles but as the newer systems are coming in use, it had been quite easy to carry out the procedure on the skin with any complexion and darkness. On dark tanned skin, though the dermatologist might not be able to set a stronger laser setting, so few extra treatments might be carried out alongside.

Myth-4: Once you go through a laser hair removal treatment, your body hair is gone permanently.

Fact-4: During the removal procedure, you have to undergo 6-10 weeks of the treatment to destroy the hair follicles at their growth stage which is Anagen. A total of 6 to 8 sessions will be accomplished for the desired results.

Myth-5: Laser hair removal causes exposure to radiations.

Fact-5: Radiations exist only between the laser’s light barriers and their exit from that space is not possible. Hence, these are harmless for the patients.

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