Know about liposuction of different types

Liposuction has turned out to be one of the body contouring techniques helping you to make your look slimmer. The unwanted fat removal process results in a perfect body contour. Lots of people have chosen the liposuction treatment, as it is a low-risk process.

However, nowadays, you can find variations in the liposuction techniques applied in the field of cosmetic treatment. Although liposuction treatments aim at removing fat deposits persistently, there are differences in processes.

Before talking about modern lipo technologies, we have presented you with details of traditional liposuction.

For traditional liposuction sessions, clinicians make small incisions that help in injecting fluid to provide anesthesia. Then, they use a hollow tube, known as a cannula, to take fats out of the chosen locations. It is a tried and tested liposuction technique giving you the desired result. Moreover, it is a surgical process of removing stubborn fat and reshaping your body.

In the past few years, we have found the use of different technologies for liposuction treatments USA.

Tumescent Lipo treatment

Liposuction with ultrasound technologies

Cosmetic surgeons use ultrasound waves to remove your fat. The process helps in liquefying the fat before its ultimate removal from your body. Clinicians use a tumescent solution for this ultrasound-assisted technique. They inject the solution into the treated parts to liquefy the fat cells. However, this method also causes constriction of blood vessels and reduction of the risk of bleeding. A generator produces ultrasound waves used for the treatment parts through which clinicians insert their cannula.

Ultrasonic liposuction is of two types- internal and external. For the internal one, the surgeon uses a probe to insert it into your body. Sonic vibrations, emitted by the probe, can break up your fat.

External ultrasonic lipo needs the use of a tool to discharge vibrations outside your body. Thus, there is no incision made for eliminating fat. However, vibrations can disrupt your nervous system and cause brushing.


Liposuction with the laser technology

The steps for laser lipo are much similar to what we have found in the traditional liposuction process. However, before drawing out fat, clinicians use a cannula that emits laser energy. This laser energy is effective for breaking up your fat cells. The process helps in saving efforts for fat removal. The heat generated by laser energy may cause slight skin complications. But patients have noticed skin-tightening effects after undergoing the treatment.

Before and After gallery.

Laser-assisted lipo also increases the collagen production level in your skin, and thus, you will find smoother skin for this treatment.

In fact, this laser liposuction is better than the traditional one for the shorter recovery time. Moreover, it is a less invasive process offering you the safest solution. You may choose laser liposuction treatment to remove fat from your hips, buttocks, arms, neck, abdomen, and thighs.

Sculpt And Contour Your Body With Liposuction In Houston

Where will you get liposuction services?

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