Is photofacial good for rosacea? – Know about the treatment

Sun damage, acne scar, rosacea, and pigmented scars- these are very common skin problems for the aging process and an unhealthy lifestyle. You may have tried out different skincare products to alleviate these issues from your skin. However, to get a noticeable result within the shortest time, you can prefer non-invasive treatment- photofacial.

Researchers have found that photofacial is an effective way of treating rosacea and different other problems. With a successful photofacial procedure, you can keep away from acne rosacea, hyperpigmentation, persistent redness, broken capillaries, and brown spots on your arms and chest. This process does not cause discomfort and give you the best result.

Let us tell you something about rosacea, and then we will talk about photofacials.

Rosacea is of different types, and in most cases, you can find pimples or bumps with redness. Your facial skin may have a stinging and burning sensation. Blood vessels also become visible due to frequent flushing. Rosacea can affect both men and women whose age ranges from 25 to 35 years. Do not leave this skin disease untreated. While your skin does not respond to cosmetic skincare products, you can rely on photofacial.

Under clinical supervision, you will have the best treatment from professionals. You may search for the photofacial for rosacea before and after image. You will find how this treatment has caused a difference in the look.


How Photofacial treatment works?

Photofacial, also referred to as IPL, is a skin rejuvenation technique that needs the use of Intense Pulsed Light. You may need one or more than one session. The color of your lesions absorbs the light, pulsed over the skin. These lesions (pigmentations and aging spots) become darken instantly. In due course, they will fade away, and your skin will have a bright look.

However, when you are going to have photofacial treatment, you must avoid using self-tanning lotions to keep away from complications. Your clinicians will give you more tips to stay safe.

The IPL 580 filter can cause a deposit of light energy pulses that heat your skin layers. Your broken vessels, resulting in rosacea, can absorb this light energy. The biological and scientific process affects the target parts of your skin. You can find your natural skin tone, maintained with this process. Your skin will become more youthful and vibrant.

Before and After gallery.

Photofacial for rosacea- Know the number of treatment sessions

The number of photofacial sessions may vary for every patient. Your clinician checks out your skin conditions and customizes the treatment. You need at least three sessions for rosacea and acne. However, for severe cases, you have to visit the clinic to have more sessions.

When will I see the result from photofacial?

After undergoing the treatment, you need to wait for 4 to 6 weeks to find the result. In most cases, patients have started feeling a positive effect after the third and fourth sessions.


Which is the best clinic for photofacial near me?

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