Is Laser Hair Removal Give A Permanent Solution?

Some of us rely on hair removal products to remove our body hair. However, within a short time, we can find regrowth of hair. To solve the problem, there is a modern technique known as laser hair removal. Now, the question is- is laser hair removal permanent solution? Some professionals have a view that instead of permanent hair removal, this method offers a long-term solution.

 laser hair removal on armpits

In some cases, the process does not destroy your hair follicle. It only damages the follicle, and that is why there is a chance of hair regrowth. Now, we are going to talk about this hair removal process.

 laser hair removal Process

Is laser hair removal give a permanent solution? 

For laser hair removal, the professionals apply laser light for targeting your hair pigment. This light starts traveling down your hair shaft and hair follicle. The heat, generated from this light, causes destruction to your hair follicle. That is why you cannot find the growth of hair from those follicles.

Hair always undergoes a growth cycle. The recently removed body hair is in a resting period. This hair is not visible to anyone. Thus, you must wait for its regrowth before the ultimate removal. However, you need a number of laser hair removal treatments to get the best results. The treatment can continue for more than two months.

The fully destroyed follicle will not cause the growth of hair in the future. Some of us target the particular portion for laser hair removal. In due course, you may treat those parts several times for eliminating the chance of hair regrowth. Some people have found that the regrown hair is not noticeable easily.

 laser hair removal technique

Do the hair and skin color cause any difference in the result?

The hair removal process gives the best outcome for those who have lighter skin tone and darker hair. The laser light relies on pigment contrast for targeting the hair. However, those who have darker skin need more laser hair removal sessions. To remove hair permanently, the reliable technicians have to learn the way of targeting the hair. They also choose the laser of the best type. The researchers have found that the lasers, producing longer wavelengths, are effective for dark-skinned persons.

Laser hair removal technique is most useful to treat hair present on your back, chest, neck, shoulder, face, and bikini line.

Overall, this process is a faster solution. The smaller portions, including the upper lips, may become free of hair within a few minutes. Now, for the bigger parts, like chest and backside, the process will take an hour.

 laser hair treatment hs

Need for follow-up sessions for laser hair removal-

To get the optimized results, you may have some follow-up sessions. The number of treatment required for laser hair removal may vary for every individual. However, there is a need for a minimum of 4 to 6 laser treatment sessions. After every session, you will find fewer hairs. Some people have minor side effects, like skin redness and blistering. However, these effects will fade away within a short time.

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