Importance of Sun Protection after Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetic Treatment

Sunrise and sunset are the most priceless landscape beauties nature has bestowed upon us. Moreover, during the day we are blessed with ample vitamin D by the Sun as a gift to get going in life.

Isn’t Sun a good giver? Well yes but it’s a taker too you know. Too much of something is bad meaning too much sunlight is unhealthy.

Sun Protection after Aesthetic Treatment

Let us know how?

The easiest way to know what Sun is done to your skin is your previous experience of sunburn, many known cases of skin cancer and even premature skin ageing. Even though the ozone layer filters the harmful UV rays, it has of late thinned down but still, a long term exposure to sunlight can cause damaging effects.

 after Aesthetic Treatment

So what can we do?

Answer to this is an aesthetic treatment from the right clinic! You can take the help of various aesthetic treatments (chemical peels, micro-needling or laser treatment). These are a pretty decent way to protect your skin and they have minimal to no side effects and require a pretty low downtime. These treatments produce an immune response in the body and also help in the healing of the skin.

But as mentioned, there’s a certain downtime. During the downtime (healing process) you have to be precautious as the skin is comparatively more sensitive to the sun. If proper precautions are not followed, there may be side effects (redness, burns or swelling) which are unwanted.

Protective measures, yes we have them.

  • Starting with the “sunscreen”, it protects the skin from UV and infrared damage also protects the unwanted guests (lines on skin, redness and hyperpigmentation). Recommendations, SPF minimum 30 and smile.
  • You have to reschedule your sun exposure time. Wait, we all hate too much heat don’t we and we try not to go out at peak hours say 10 am to 4 pm. If yes, you’re already there. These times the UV rays are most harmful so try to avoid them and if somehow you can’t, well seek shelter in the shadows.
  • Don’t you love to wear those accessories with designer clothes to look your best? Well us too. So wear those accessories, I suggest those lovely hats (I want to try a cowboy hat and say “Howdy”) and those dashing sunglasses. These will not only upgrade your looks but also will help you be safe from sunlight. By the way, you can also get your umbrella and seek the shade beneath it.
  • Windows! Prefer to sit near while travelling, enjoying your coffee/tea, reading, etc. They help you focus/enjoy but also put you at a little risk of exposure to sun damage.

 Aesthetic Treatment process

Using sun protection consistently from an early age is the strongest defense for your skin. If you didn’t at an early age, you can still go for an aesthetic treatment but getting a good aesthetic treatment won’t do any good to your skin unless you take required protective measures. Sun protection is extra important after aesthetic treatment to protect skin from its side effects (sunburn, skin cancer or premature skin ageing). Your skin requires care and nourishment to be healthy.

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