How SmartLipo Method Differs From Tumescent Liposuction Process

Lipo techniques have become popular with lots of men and women, who think of reducing fat deposits. The fat content of our body works as a source of energy and heat while there is low fuel in our body. Although you may think it to be helpful, you may find unwanted fat buildup in your body. You can find fat deposits mostly in your buttocks, hips, abdomen, arms, and thighs. Thus, to reduce fat, most of us have started relying on the liposuction process. However, in the field of cosmetic surgery, we have found different options for liposuction.

Some of us are familiar to standard conventional style liposuction. Now, another new term to us is smart lipo. SmartLipo is different from Tumescent liposuction.

Tumescent Liposuction

Process for Tumescent liposuction and SmartLipo-

For Tumescent liposuction, the surgeon uses a small incision for inserting a cannula, a type of hollow tube. Then, he adjusts the position of the cannula under your skin for a manual breakup of fat deposits. He removes this body fat through the cannula with a slow suction method.

Nowadays, liposuction professionals rely on the SmartLipo technique that uses ultrasonic technology and lasers for treating fat. In this process, the professionals use a laser and insert it through an incision in your skin. Your fat cells get heat energy, sent from laser lipo, and this heat is effective for rupturing your cells. It causes the destruction of fat cells, and finally, the professionals remove them through a cannula.

While it is a standard liposuction method, patients feel discomfort, bruising and swelling due to the position of the cannula. For the tumescent technique, the surgeons use saline solution, causing the fat cells to break into small pieces. Moreover, there is a numbing agent, used in the saline solution.

Now, in the case of SmartLipo, the process fully destroys the fat. The lasers for SmartLipo help in sealing off your blood vessels, and thus, you do not feel much pain. Moreover, as this technique causes tightening of skin tissues, you can find a sculpted look.

Before and After gallery.

Comparing the recovery period of two processes-

The recovery period for SmartLipo patients is shorter than that of Tumescent liposuction. While Tumescent liposuction patients need a number of weeks for recovery, it is about a few days for the SmartLipo process. Patients have to put on compression garments for protecting their body and facilitating the healing process. SmartLipo patients may need to wear those garments for a very short period.

SmartLipo patients


Which process is better for you?

From the overall comparison, we can say SmartLipo is better than Tumescent liposuction. To undergo the process of SmartLipo, you can visit the clinic, Shinemdmedspa, located in Texas and Houston. You will get a contoured figure with this liposuction process. Maintain healthy lifestyle to keep up this figure. The SmartLipo process is not for losing weight. You can choose it to reduce your fat. However, this FDA-approved method is not the right choice for regular smokers. Some professionals combine other cosmetic processes for better results.

Here at ShineMD Medspa & Liposuction Centre in Houston, TX, we give you solutions. So, please book an appointment with us today and get a one-on-one consultation with the best board-certified skin specialists in town. You can call us at 832.509.5099 to schedule an appointment also. Read ahead, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know—one step at a time.

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