How Helpful Is The Laser Hair Removal Process in the Face?

If you suffer from ingrown hair often or are afraid of waxing because of infections then laser hair removal therapy is something you need. Laser hair removal does not put you under the danger of cuts and bruises. Razor and shaving off can even give you burns or irritation of the skin, but with the Laser hair removal treatment can give you the comfort of being hair-free not only for days or weeks but for years. Men and women both are suffering from ingrown hairs on the face and other body areas so laser hair removal on the face can be very effective way to get rid of them.


Can I do laser hair removal on the face?

The answer is yes. You can do laser hair removal on the face and also following parts of the body can be targeted with the laser hair removal process: 

-Chest hair
-Bikini line
-Facial hair
-Upper lips

Do I Need Any Certain Preparations For The Laser Hair Removal on the face?

For the best results, try not to expose your skin on where the treatment is done for at least one-month maximum before your treatment. Skin exposure might create medical problems that might make the process a difficult one.

Make sure that you use sunscreen not only for the procedure but on a daily routine that has the level of being at least at SPF 30 or better level. This blocks the UV A and the UV B rays. Also, you will need to stop waxing the area, or even try electrolysis, threading, depilatories, or tweezing of the area at least 3 weeks before you go for the treatment.

It is preferred that you shave the area which is getting treated at least a day prior or on the night before your treatment process.

Efficiency and Accuracy of Laser Hair Removal

How Will The Laser Hair Removal Process Work On My Face?

The Laser hair process targets the area on your face and then disables all the hair follicles. Non-invasive laser energy is used in the process so that other areas of your skin are not affected.

How Many Sessions For The Hair Removal Treatments Will do I Need?
The process works only with the hair follicles which are active in nature. Not hair follicles could be active at a certain time and a single treatment process is not enough for the entire process. One therapy of laser removal might not even disable all the targeted follicles in one go.

It is recommended to all the patients to at least get 6 sessions at a gap of 1 month to 6 weeks. The procedure might vary from one patient to another. Also, other factors such as your goals and area of treatment might be taken into consideration.

What Are Some Of The Side Effects That Might Even Occur With The Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

One might experience redness or some type of irritation after you are done with treatment. This irritation will only last for some time (a few hours). This irritation and any other side effects will dissipate within a few hours.

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