Whether liposuction leaves scars that is one of the issues that we hear a lot about. Generally, when we say scars, what we’re talking about is noticeable scars. There will be scarring every time you puncture the tissue, whether with a circular biopsy jab, a scalpel, or with an accident. Regardless of how well an incision heals, a scar will still exist under a microscope. Whether the scar would be noticeable to the naked eye is the issue most people are worried about. However, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a “scarless” treatment for liposuction.

Modern liposuction is minimally invasive. Although some minor incisions need to be made, the risk of visible liposuction scarring is very low, and most people don’t need to worry about it.


Let’s talk about the Incision Points first. Liposuction Houston is minimally invasive but unlike a non-surgical fat removal technique such as CoolSculpting. All cases of liposuction involve small incisions in the skin to suck fat from the area. Before the incision, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area. These incisions are made most of the time with a circular jab, with no scalpels involved. An even smaller incision with a 1mm biopsy punch is made for some locations, such as chin liposuction. It’s very, very small.

Lipo Incision Locations

There are no particular areas in which incision points are made; each case is unique. Via the belly button or along the waistband, some medical practitioners might make incisions. These tiny incisions are made in unobtrusive places whenever possible, which you are not likely to see in the mirror. The smaller the incision, as you could guess, the smaller the scar.

The risk of scarring is significantly minimized using a minimally invasive procedure. The scale of scars is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Scarring – Affecting factors

As a consequence of the operation, not all lipo patients grow visible wounds, but some do. Suppose a liposuction incision would leave a scar. In that case, it is primarily determined by your skin (which involves variables such as age and genetics-some people scar more easily than others). It will most likely appear as a tiny dot about the size of a freckle if you have scarring from liposuction. In most cases, over the next six months, a scar of this size can fade steadily until it is no longer visible.

liposuction process

In some instances, hyperpigmentation can occur at the site of the incision. Hyperpigmentation is when, due to an excess of melanin, the skin in one region becomes darker. For darker-skinned patients, this is more frequent but can happen to anyone. Before undergoing the procedure, you should be aware that hyperpigmentation is a possible outcome and be comfortable with this possibility.

Hyperpigmentation wounds can fade slowly over time, like other scars. Keeping the area out of the sun is crucial, as constant sun exposure can interfere with healing.

Some patients may be susceptible to developing keloid scars, which is when, during the healing process, the skin releases too much collagen, resulting in an elevated scar. For the tiny punches used during liposuction, this is not widespread, but if you happen to grow keloid wounds, speak to our ShineMD medical practitioners before the procedure.

liposuction results


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