Dermal Infusions: must treatment for your skin care routine

We crave that spotless and smooth skin that creates the deciding first impression whenever we meet someone in person. Unfortunately, skin tone is the fundamental aspect that deteriorates for two main reasons: the aging process or lack of skin care.

Once the skin problems start, it is hard to get back that youthful and radiating skin with some usual home remedies. Besides, it would take a long time that you would not have even imagined. However, you need not worry! The advancements in science have made it possible to attain the desired skin within hours. How? Let’s discuss the cure in detail with the most skin care treatment.

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What is Dermal Infusion? Why is it so important for skin care?

The Dermal Infusion is a skin care treatment that includes truly non-invasive three-in-one procedures. It rejuvenates your skin, delivering the benefits that were once a dream, owing to the effective techniques and advanced tools. The most prominent available variants are the Dermal Infusions facial, which is specifically employed to revamp your face. It is extremely safe and can be done to all skin types of patients.

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The procedure involved in Dermal Infusion

There are three crucial components of this skin care treatment. First, we at Houston provide the top-notch diamond glow Dermal Infusion that revamps the skin you longed for. Let’s understand the steps in detail.

1. Exfoliation

The exfoliation process is the first and foremost step involved in this treatment. In this process, your concerned certified professional uses the specialized exfoliation tool having the diamond tip and vacuum suction setup working well in sync. This patented advanced hand tool abrades the operated skin part while the vacuum sucks up the skin gently. It safely removes the topmost layer of the skin with dead and unwanted cells responsible for various skin complications and unwelcoming appearance.
This tool provides the functionality to adjust the coarseness of this diamond tip depending on the skin sensitivity.

2. Extraction

After the exfoliation, a safe and effective clean-up is necessary to remove all the debris, dead cells, and dirt on the exfoliated skin. Hence, the certified professionals will perform the Extraction procedure with sterile and safe tools.

3. Infusion

It is the concluding step of this skin care treatment. In this, the medical professional will carefully inject the specifically prepared Serum into the dermis as per the skin sensitivity and its conditions. The Serum here used by the medical professional is entirely based on your persisting skin problems. After discussing and thorough check-ups, they come to a particular combination of essential active ingredients. This Serum ensures effective treatment and targets the medical conditions of the skin. It keeps skin hydrated.

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A brief account on Serums

As discussed above, the medical professional formulates the Serums according to skin conditions, including dull skin, oily skin, dark spots, sun-damaged skin, spot treatments, sensitive skin, skin redness, acne, Hyperpigmentation, roughness, sunspots, wrinkles, or fine lines.
You should have the proper knowledge of the ingredients used while formulating this infusing Serum.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Oregano Oil
  • The root extract of Licorice
  • Decapeptide 12
  • Grape seed extract

Dermal Infusions: must treatment for your skin care routine

Underlying advantages of Dermal Infusion for the skin care routine.

Various researches have confirmed the benefits of Dermal Infusion for skin care. Below we have enlisted nearly every one of them and elucidated them.

  • Experts revealed that stubborn conditions like Hyperpigmentation and acne are highly prevalent among the patients reporting skin problems. The Dermal infusion is effective in treating these conditions engendering considerable improvements in the skin with time.
  • Rosacea is a condition where redness and Pustules are prevalent on the affected skin. With this treatment, those irritating small red spots subside, improving overall skin health.
  • Another benefit is the safety factor involved in the treatment. As we know, Dermal Infusions are non-invasive that don’t require any surgical steps. Hence, people with severe conditions, including Rosacea, Psoriasis, or Eczema, can have it done on their affected skin areas.
  • With the help of advanced tools combined with safe and updated procedures, it is viable to perform this treatment on extremely sensitized parts like Lips, below eyes, etc.
  • It can do wonders for individuals yearning for spotless skin with even skin tones and a bright complexion. Besides, it makes it possible to revamp that cleansed and soft skin.
  • It also facilitates and subsides the aging problems, such as fine lines or wrinkles.

Does Dermal Infusion work? 

Does Dermal Infusion work? 

Many individuals disagree with the asserted benefits and still think it is a futile cosmetic procedure. Many of them haven’t even tried it once, and some have only attended one session. We recommend you to have around four to six sessions of this therapy for the desired results.

Clear Picture of Dermal Infusion side effects

This cosmetic treatment includes safe procedures. However, having a clearer picture of some related aspects is a must. As the exfoliation process incorporates the coarse tip abrading the skin, you might experience redness on the face. It is a temporary post-treatment effect that averagely lasts for 30-60 minutes.

Hence, after completing this hour-long cosmetic treatment, you can wear makeup and attend the functions without any potential problems.

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Who should opt for the Dermal Infusion treatment?

It is a versatile procedure for all skin types. It is the ideal solution for patients with skin complications like Hyper-pigmentation, acne, dry skin, etc. However, be wary and consult the medical practitioner if you have active herpes sores, skin cancer, or autoimmune diseases. Individuals with weak immune systems have to be cautious, as this treatment solely depends on the healing capabilities of your skin. Follow the instructions given by a medical professional or medical practitioner and take timely medications if prescribed. Dermal infusion or diamond glow is becoming a top choice for board-certified dermatologists as a routine maintenance treatment for skin care.

How much is a Dermal Infusion facial cost?

First of all, the price should not be the deciding factor when it comes to facial looks. Secondly, the prices will vary with the location and clinics you choose. Quality being directly proportional to the cost, you should wisely consider the options for receiving the Dermal Infusion facial Houston.

How much is a Dermal Infusion facial cost?


We advise you to wash your face at least five to six times a day. Drink plenty of fluids. Use broad-spectrum medical-grade level skin care products. Use proper sun protection and apply sunscreen when you go out.

It brings us to the end of this informational piece concerning Dermal Infusion and its various aspects. All in all, be cautious about the persisting conditions and our ShineMD Med Spa & Liposuction center medical practitioner’s advice if you have even slight hesitations. With such an appreciated treatment in town, enjoy its benefits as soon as you get the chance!


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