Coolsculpting Thighs: Stubborn Thighs Fat Reduction

Coolsculpting thighs

Many women feel embarrassed about fat bulges because of excess fat in thigh areas, such as outer thigh fat and inner thigh fat thigh areas. The Coolsculpting thighs treatment is an FDA-approved body contouring treatment to reduce unwanted fat from the targeted areas of fat permanently. You’ll need to consult with a doctor to ensure you’re a good candidate for coolsculpting inner thigh treatment.

Ideal candidates are 20 to 30 lbs around their ideal body weight and can not get rid of stubborn fat with diet and exercise. Therefore, Coolsculpting is not a weight loss procedure.

Coolsculpting Thigh

Is coolsculpting thighs treatment effective?

Coolsculpting works by permanently removing fat cells with fat freezing methods and reducing stubborn fat deposits. The controlled cooling method and cold temperature to subcutaneous fat areas of the body reduce fat cells. Once it freezes the fat cells, the lymphatic system will flush out the dead cells from the body and permanently remove them. Each treatment session resulted in a fat reduction of 20 to 25% of the treatment area.

What to expect during Coolsculpting inner thigh sessions?

After necessary examination and marking, your provider will place coolsculpting applicators in targeted areas. Each coolsculpting treatment time is around 35 minutes.

There is no recovery time after the procedure. You can resume your routine activity immediately after.

How many coolsculpting thigh treatments do you need?

It all depends upon the amount of stubborn fat you have in the target areas. Usually, you will need three to six treatments to achieve desired coolsculpting results, but it all varies person by person.

It would be best to get coolsculpting inner thighs or outer thigh treatments until you get your desired results. Then the effects will compound; you’ll witness a more dramatic shift if you keep shaping.


Fat Reduction

What is the cost?

Coolsculpting cost for thighs depends upon the number of treatments you need. Each treatment costs between $400 to $800 per session. ShineMD runs specials on coolsculpting treatments. You can check out coolsculpting specials in our monthly promotions.


A Safe Method For Fat Reduction

Some people are searching for a slight modification or a minor enhancement, while others look to change their whole shape.

When do you see Coolsculpting thigh results?

You will notice results between three weeks to three months after your treatments. Results may vary upon the amount of fat cells and the number of treatments.

How Long For Treatment

Our treatment plans are far more accurate and impactful thanks to our artistic ability to imagine the Coolsculpting thighs results and our ability to identify the right spot to achieve your goals. For example, you will see an excellent hourglass shape with the outer thigh treatment by removing excess bumps on your outer thighs. Likewise, inner thigh treatment will help to have more inner thigh gaps.

Coolsculpting treatment for the other areas:

Coolsculpting can treat any area with stubborn fat pockets. Areas include the chin, arms, upper and lower abdomen, chest & stomach fat, love handles, bra rolls, flanks, banana rolls, arms, etc.


How to Find the Best Coolsculpting Location

How to Find the Best Coolsculpting pricing?

The popularity of coolsculpting is growing. ShineMD offers the best coolsculpting deals in the Houston area. We offer coolsculpting specials up to 50% off treatment. Contact us to check out our specials.

Coolsculpting at ShineMD Medspa

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