Choosing the Right Liposuction Surgeon in Houston

You decided to improve your body, so you ate right and exercised. That worked to a point, but then you realized there were still areas of fat you could not make disappear. Maybe you have even researched and read about liposuction on the internet and feel it may be just what you need. Now you face the challenge of choosing the right liposuction surgeon in Houston and are not quite sure what makes someone a good specialist. What should you consider when choosing a liposuction doctor?

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Doctor

The right surgeon will be experienced; you need choose a Houston liposuction specialist who has completed many liposuction procedures on different body areas. When a specialist is more experienced, they have worked with a large variety of situations and know how to tackle various problems. Having a large breadth of knowledge is important because every person and procedure is slightly different.

Potential Procedure Complications

Before going into any type of bodily procedure, it is important to understand all the potential complications that could arise. It is also key to research statistics and ask the doctor about their own statistics. If you have questions about what they are telling you, do not hesitate to ask.


Find out what kind of training your physician has had. You do not want a doctor who is barely trained practicing on you while unsupervised. Look at what residency, fellowship, and other training course experience they have had. Once again, do not hesitate to ask questions. You also want to find out if your doctor is using newer, up-to-date procedures. If someone is only providing treatments they learned ten or twelve years ago, you may want to reconsider. Many improvements in techniques have occurred more recently, and an excellent cosmetic specialist should be keeping their skills up-to-date. Using old techniques will not give you the finest results available.

Internet Research

Check out before and after photos of your physician’s patients online. Be sure that you agree with their opinion of what looks good. If you do not like their results, then you will want to work with a different physician.

You also need to find independent patient reviews of your physician. Check different websites to find a good variety of reviews. Also look for signs of high regard from their fellow doctors through physician-elected awards. Find out what a trusted physician you already see knows about this liposuction specialist. You want to work with a physician who has a good bedside manner, as well as one that is well respected by their peers.

Procedure Location

You may want to check out where the doctor performs procedures. Do they use a nearby surgical center or have they outfitted a special area in their office for procedures? Either type of facility can have certifications and awards, so be sure to ask about them. Using a facility that has a strong certification can help you rest easier.

Contact a Liposuction Specialist in Houston

Choosing the right liposuction surgeon in Houston can be difficult. A good, trustworthy doctor will not shy away from answering your questions. They should be proud of their abilities but also know their limits. Do not rush into having a procedure done until you feel comfortable with your choice of doctors. Call us today if you want more information on our procedures and our surgeon’s experience.