What is Breast Lift With Pideal Threads?

Sagging breasts is one of the most bothersome problems amongst females. Weight loss and pregnancy are the most common reasons. Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic treatments women seek. Several treatment options are available to patients, between surgical and non-surgical breast lifts.

With so many breast augmentation treatments to choose from, it can be hard finding the one that will work best for your desired aesthetic goals. However, if you’re looking for a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment, a breast lift with pideal threads might be your ideal treatment option.


Breast Augmentation process

What are Pideal(PDO) Threads?

Pideal threads, also called PDO(Polydioxanone), are medical-grade threads made of protein and thinner than hair. They stimulate collagen production and help with skin tightening. On average, PDO threads will last for 4 to 6 months before they are metabolized and absorbed by the body.

What Is Breast Lift With Pideal Threads?

It is a minimally invasive procedure and is performed under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia.

PDO threads raise the breast skin with the threads and give a higher, more youthful position. A breast lift can be done independently or can be part of other breast augmentation treatments.

How Do PDO Breast Lifts Work?

A PDO lift for the breasts works similarly to a PDO lift for any other body part. PDO threads are made with the same polydioxanone material used for cardiovascular surgeries. PDO threads are inserted into the skin at designated areas with a small needle, where the thread hooks into the breast skin to pull and lift the breast into a higher position.

The advantages of PDO Breast Lift

  • Improve overall appearance
  • TIghten breast tissue
  • Lift breasts
  • Have a more youthful appearance

What are the limitations of pdo breast lift?

PDO breast lift will not increase the size or volume of the breasts. If you have significant volume loss in the breast, fat transfer or breast implants should be better.

PDO breast lift

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Are PDO Threads Safe?

PDO threads are very safe. PDO threads are made out of polydioxanone, which the body absorbs over time. Polydioxanone has a very low risk of allergic reaction as it is compatible with the human body. PDO threads are approved by the FDA and are cleared for cosmetic use to lift skin and tissue.

How Long Do Results Last?

Results for PDO threads last the same amount of time on virtually all areas of the body where they are used. . Results may last up to 2-3 years after the treatment.

Will You Need Multiple Treatments?

If you want to continue enjoying the treatment results, you will need regular follow-ups to maintain treatment effects. 

What other areas can you use the PDO thread lifts?

  • Face (non-surgical facelift)
  • Neck (non-surgical neck lift)
  • Body areas of excess skin and tightening need.



Breast implants surgery

Breast Augmentation

This treatment is also compatible with some breast augmentation. For example, many women use a PDO breast lift with threads after removing breast implants to maintain the same lifting effect. This treatment may also be compatible with treatments that alter or improve the shape of the breast and the nipples and areolae.

Breast implants

Breast implants are one of the most performed plastic surgery in the world. According to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons, breast lift surgery is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries globally, including tummy tuck and liposuction. In addition, there are various types of implants plastic surgeons use to enhance breast size.

Here are the types of breast implants available in the market.

  • Saline breast implants
  • Silicone breast implants
  • Gummy bear breast implants
  • Smooth, round, or textured implants

Fat transfer to the Breast after Liposuction

After liposuction, fat transfer to the breasts is an excellent option for breast augmentation. It is getting prevalent treatment lately as more and more women do not want to get breast implants. Fat transfer to the breast will provide more volume, mainly consisting of the mammary gland and fat cells. More fat cells add more volume hence more firmness to the breast.  

What are PRP treatments?

Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) treatments have been available for decades. PRP treatments in which clinicians extract platelet-rich plasma from a patient’s blood after centrifugation. Surgeons have been using PRP treatments for wound healing and joint-related issues.

Lately, the use of PRP treatments after fat transfer to the breast or fat transfer to the buttocks(Brazilian Butt Lift) after liposuction procedure is getting popular. After the fat transfer procedure, the body rejects about 50% of the fat. PRP treatments increase the chance of fat survival in these procedures hence improving the outcome and results.

PRP treatments are getting very popular for skin rejuvenationsexual wellness treatments(P-Shot, O-Shot), etc.


PRP Breast Augmentation


Are You a Good Candidate?

Good candidates for this particular treatment include women who want non-surgical treatment and women who wish to reduce recovery time. 

Will You Need a Consultation?

The answer is yes. Your consultation lets us examine the treatment area and discuss your expectations for treatment. We may determine that other treatments are better options for your particular needs.

At your consultation, be prepared to give us certain information about you, including your general medical history and any previous breast lift with threading treatments you have had in the past. 

Let Breast Lift With Pideal Threads Renew Your Appearance!

PDO threads are a safe, versatile treatment option that works for many patients. If you think this treatment is proper for you, contact ShineMD Medspa & Liposuction Center in Houston, TX, to schedule your consultation today.

So, please book an appointment with us today and get a one-on-one consultation with our board-certified providers. You can call us at 832.509.5099 to schedule an appointment also. Read ahead, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know—one step at a time.

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