Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer and Lipomodelling

It is very obvious for any human to have a focus on the aesthetics of their organs. Especially women, who focus on their body, do diets and what not, to keep their physique maintained. The female breast has been just like femininity and its size, shape and volume depend on person to person, how they keep their lifestyle, food regimen, etc. However, sometimes breast doesn’t develop properly and hence women with small or saggy breasts tend to struggle with low self-esteem.
If you are, or you know someone, struggling with a disproportionate body posture, consult with the best doctors at ShineMD Medspa and Liposuction Center, Houston, TX.
Here, we help our patients to achieve the desired body aesthetics with Breast Augmentation complemented by Fat transfer or Lipomodelling.

Breast-aug treatment

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is an extremely popular cosmetic surgery in America known for the enhancement of the breasts naturally and effectively. It is done with two techniques Fat transfer and Lipomodelling.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer-

Breast augmentation procedure gives you a volumized and fuller breast with the help of fat transfer method. You will get all natural results with it and no artificial synthetic material is used during the procedure.
Moreover, fat transfer is a long-lasting and effectual technique that enhances your breast and fulfills your desired goals. Liposuction technique is used to collect the fat from the specific areas of your body and then that fat is injected into the breast area that will increase your breast moderately. Usually, the fat is collected from the areas like abdomen, thighs, etc.

Breast Augmentation with Lipomodelling-

Lipomodelling rectifies the breast during the surgery like the cup shape, symmetry of breasts and more. It is a secure procedure, with no complications and can be done until the patient achieve its desires aesthetics.

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Are you a suitable candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If you want a natural appearance for your breasts, Breast augmentation is a right procedure for you.
Also, for the surgery make sure you are not pregnant and living a healthy lifestyle.
Perks of undergoing Breast Augmentation-
Natural Appearance- It can be a bit harder for the synthetic material to provide natural results. Hence, with the help of fat transfer and lipomodelling you can get the finest natural appearance of your breasts.
Effective Treatment- Many females who have smaller breasts than normal can undergo Breast augmentation and achieve moderate results from the treatment.

Permanent results

The procedure has permanent results because of fat transfer as the fat is collected from your own body and injected at the breast area. Also, with a healthy lifestyle chance of having more favorable results can increase. You can notice recovery within 4 to 8 weeks of surgery.

Less invasive than the implants-

Modern methods of Breast Augmentation like fat transfer uses liposuction technique to get better and safe results than the traditional method that uses synthetic material to do the implants.
Consult with the skilled surgeons about your desired results, concerns and your medical complications (if any) so that you meet the best of your needs.

10 Breast Augmentation Checklist

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