According to a recent survey, breast augmentation recovery was one of the top surgical procedures in the United States last year. It is counted in the list of most popular cosmetic procedures undergone by women around the world. It is reported that after going through breast augmentation, women are seen as more happy and confident about their body structure. Most of the women feel it as a dose of self-confidence and are seen as quite happy and satisfied with the surgery results especially at our ShineMD clinic. All our clients have met up to their expectations.

Breast augmentation is a life-transforming experience and you need to be well aware of it, to get prepared for the procedure. It is extremely important to learn about the post-surgery results and expectations before moving ahead to go through such a surgery. Also, such surgeries take a little time for post-surgery recovery. So, you need to prepare your schedule in advance and fix the time for it so that you can achieve the best from it and get your desired results.

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What becomes important over here is to understand that every woman’s body type is different and has a unique structure. It cannot be predefined about the time limit in a very accurate fashion. To cut the long story short, there is no exact time limit. However, according to the experts, an average of six weeks is required to recover fully.

Post-operative recovery stages

Post-operation: After waking from anesthesia, you may feel like a bit of a hangover for a short duration, but it would go with time and feel relaxed.

The first-week post-surgery: The first week is a little uncomfortable one. Our ShineMD medical practitioners will prescribe you a pain-killer or may give you a pain injection for immediate relief in case of heavy discomfort in the first 72 hours.

After a week, most women are found to bear the pain and tolerate the discomfort without painkillers. In case, you are a working woman, you can set your office clock one-week post-surgery!

Coming to a few weeks: After the first week, patients are advised to carry on their normal life routine. They can even go for mild workouts which doesn’t cause much stretching and pulling of the breasts. Rigorous workouts like running, jogging, and stretching should be avoided since it might cause you pain as the breasts are still in the recovery stage.

O-Shot and Vampire Breast Lift


Full recovery

You should always go for regular follow-ups. As time passes by, you will recover more and more. Experts at ShineMD will certainly guide you over the healing process.

In case you don’t have any major issues post-surgery, you will recover fully in approximately two months in the best of time. You just need to follow your doctor’s advice patiently.

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Certain tips for better recovery:

  1. Invest in one or two recovery bras
  2. Pre-prepare yourself mentally
  3. Ask a friend or partner to assist you

What next! Enjoy your new figure!


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