Avoid the myths on CoolSculpting treatment

In recent years, we have found lots of innovations in the field of cosmetic treatments. You may have heard the name, CoolSculpting, intended to slim down your body contour. Surely, this technique is an effective choice for gaining an attractive look. However, some of us do not know the details of this cosmetic process. We are now going to talk about CoolSculpting myths and reveal the truths in this process.

CoolSculpting can cause pain

It is one of the myths on CoolSculpting, as some of us think it to be a painful process. It is true that you can find itchiness and bruise on the treated parts. However, those effects will disappear, and the overall process is not painful for anyone. As CoolSculpting is a non-invasive process, it has become very popular with us.


CoolSculpting– The best alternative to weight loss supplements

Most of us have a misconception that there is no difference between weight loss and fat reduction. CoolSculpting helps in reducing fat and not your bodyweight. Thus, for lowering your weight, you have to look for other solutions.

We can treat sagging skin with CoolSculpting

We have already told you that CoolSculpting can remove your fat, and it is the best for your body sculpting purpose. It does not work for your sagging skin. Freezing temperature level can cause an effect on the fat cells, present beneath your skin. It will not affect the tissue adjacent to your targeted cells.

CoolSculpting process treats only our abdominal fat

You must avoid this myth in the cosmetic process. Although some of us target our abdominal parts with CoolSculpting treatment, this process can treat other parts. For instance, you may focus on your double chin, thighs, bra line and arms. You can speak to your professionals to know more about the body parts, where the CoolSculpting process is effective. 

CoolSculpting vs. Laser Lipo treatment

We need a long recovery time for CoolSculpting treatments

Most of the plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments need a recovery period. As CoolSculpting is also one of the cosmetic solutions, we think that it is essential to take rest for recovery. However, the revolutionary technique of CoolSculpting is non-invasive. After going through the treatment sessions, you may get back to your normal schedule. It is one of the reasons for preferring the CoolSculpting process.

Before and After gallery.

CoolSculpting is for women

Both men and women can choose CoolSculpting treatment. There is no difference in the results, found in women and men.

We get the permanent result from CoolSculpting-

Although CoolSculpting is better than other cosmetic processes, it does not give you a permanent solution. You will get long-lasting outcomes from the CoolSculpting process. Reduce your fat cells with this innovative process. However, you must maintain your physical workout schedule and diet routine regularly.

Now, it is the right time to dispel the myths, related to CoolSculpting. To get the best CoolSculpting treatment, you can visit ShineMD Medspa, located in Houston, Texas. The certified clinicians know the proper techniques to offer you quality treatment. Moreover, you will find the best result from our services.

Get CoolSculpting!

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