6 Things I Wish I’d known before Getting Lip Injections

Of late, lip injections have become super common among the celebrities and thus every person has shown any inclination to know more about them. As these lip injections have the quality to give perfect lips as per our choice, having an attraction towards it and willing to get them done is every woman’s dream today. But before we get an injection to redo our natural look, having accurate knowledge about lip injections is vital.

Getting Lip Injections

Therefore, let us check out 6 things which you should know before getting lip injections:

Research well about the doctor

When it is your first time to get the fillers done, researching about the doctor’s background and experience will boost confidence in the back of your mind. This way, you will feel relaxed while getting your lips done.

Fillers can be topped up

Many prefer getting fuller lips but after the surgery does not like them as they see a complete change on their face. Sometimes, it’s scary. To avoid such a situation, we should go slowly. As lip fillers can do again over filler, it is okay to go slow the very first time. This way, you will recognise the look you prefer the best and will love what you have paid for.

Before and After gallery.


Knowing how big is a real big decision

Sometimes too big is also a BIG NO. Fluffed lips to a greater extent can sound to be exciting but in reality, it turns out to be a complete mess if you cannot carry them confidently. Where and when to stop the enlargement process will be one of your most significant decisions! Choose wisely.

Carefully choose the type of filler

Initially, when the lip fillers came into existence, they only consisted of collagen. Now, they come in many variations. The one which will suit your skin type is the one you should get done. For a fluffy look, people mostly prefer hyaluronic acid fillers. Though you must consult your doctor and ask for pictures before picking for yourself.

type of filler

Take in the pain, avoid the numbing cream

Many apply the numbing cream before inserting the filler so that coping with the pain is easy. Fillers such as cupid bow are a bit more painful than others. Sometimes, the cream which is applied for numbing the pain can swell the lips and thus making it hard to understand the true extent of the filler.  To see the real effect of the filler, it is better to skip the cream completely and take in some pain to again fabulous looks.

Fillers and be reversed

The most common delusion is that once the fillers are injected, they cannot for reversed and people need to wait for months to get back the originality. In contradiction, science has advanced to the extent that these fillers if not like after the application can be reversed. Thus people can get back to their natural look.

Understanding the concept is extremely important before you get cosmetic surgery done. Thus, at ShineMD, we believe in furnishing all the information to our client so that there outlasts transparency and clients can spontaneously ask questions about the surgery.

filler results

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