10 Benefits of Photofacial

Have you been willing to get the IPL photofacial and thinking about the benefits it provides to the skin? Have you gone through the entire google pages but have not come across the best benefits of IPL photofacial and looking for a genuine one? Here is the list of 10 benefits of photofacial you will love to hear and would want to get for yourself! They are amazing and will rejuvenate your skin bringing a completely different glow and luminosity!

 1. Treats Sun damage

The best way to treat sunburnt skin is by getting a photofacial. When we talk about skin, Sunburn is the worst thing that can happen. This is because it leaves scars behind. Moreover, the UV rays are critical! They break down the collagen which brings in wrinkles and saggy skin. Photofacial helps to bring back the radiant skin.

 2. Cures stubborn acne

If you have always wanted to get rid of the worst acne which never left your face then photofacial can be your last resort and a sure sort one!

 3. Treats pigmentation

Treating pigmentation can be the most difficult job. No other treatment can be proved as successful as Photofacial. It is prudent to reduce redness and work directly on each spot.

 4. Regular Photofacial prevents premature aging

Due to harsh rays and pollution, skin these days sees premature aging. To overcome this, It is the most effective way. The only thing to be followed is getting photofacial on regular intervals along with certain measures given by the doctor.

 5. Requires minimal downtime

It requires minimal downtime for recovery after the process. Redness and swelling go away in a maximum of three days’ time and patients normally can get back to their routine immediately after the process.

 6. Photofacial can be performed on multiple areas of skin

When compared to other surgical treatments, It can be performed on the face, neck, upper chest, arms, legs, shoulders, etc. Any sun damage on the body can be remedied by photo facial and the results are uniform and youthful.

 7. An excellent way to get rid of visible veins and capillaries

Due to intensive pull, light is absorbed by red blood cells. Such blood veins and capillaries are very much visible onto the skin. Patients can get Photofacial to dissolve broken capillaries. Moreover, spider veins disappear after one sitting in a Photofacial.

 8. Long-lasting results

Photofacials are among the very few treatments which give long-lasting results. Many cases have seen permanent solutions for their problems. This is the reason it is chosen by many to bring back youthful skin.

 9. Photofacial is quick

If you are scared of surgery and are willing to get something that is quick and not painful the photofacial is for you. Many surgeries take less than half an hour to get done with. The complex cases may take an hour where complicated areas are to be treated.

 10. Affordability

At ShineMD, our treatments are very much affordable especially when it comes to Photofacial. Our skilled staff takes care of all the necessary procedures by having one meeting with the patient. Photofacial costs the least among all other skin treatments.