Sculptra® in Houston

Whether it’s genetics, environmental stressors, or aging – wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable. As you continue your daily lifestyle, time continues, too. When you have been noticing more fine lines or wrinkles in areas of your face, a dermal filler can help fix these concerns. Sculptra® in Houston may be the solution to resolve your aesthetic apprehensions.

Dermal fillers, like Sculptra, can help to provide more permanent solutions in a shorter time than creams and ointments. Our skin is the first organ to display signs of aging and be affected by environmental stressors, like pollution or heat. Let our team of experts help you achieve the skin of your dreams. You deserve to look your best and enjoy social events with confidence and rejuvenated skin.

How is Sculptra® Different?

With the many different dermal filler injections available today, Sculptra has unique capabilities. Sculptra consists of a component called poly-L-lactic acid, also known as PLLA. PLLA is a polymer derived from lactic acid. This polymer, when used as a dermal filler, can help contour your face, fill in volume, and decrease wrinkles and fine lines.

This FDA-approved injection is also unique because of its results. Other dermal fillers last up to 18 months, but Sculptra injections in Houston can last up to two years. This is because of the PLLA in Sculptra. This unique component does not break down over time and allows your skin to appear youthful for a longer period. This injection can also stimulate collagen production within your skin, helping to further promote younger-looking skin.

Your Journey to Rejuvenated Skin With Sculptra®

The process of Sculptra injections starts with an initial consultation at our Houston location. In your first consultation, our injectors will discuss which areas of your face we are targeting. Sculptra can be used in different areas, depending on the results you are seeking. The most common area people want to address addressed is the cheeks. Many people use Sculptra to eliminate the creases that naturally form on your face or enhance your facial contours.

Using the PLLA ingredient in Sculptra allows our cosmetic surgeons to create volume in certain areas of your face. If you have hollow cheeks, this dermal filler may help achieve a more full-appearing look. The PLLA ingredient also helps create contours or enhance your natural ones further.

Sculptra® Results

After your consultation, we will create a customized plan to help you achieve your youthful facial appearance once again. The Sculptra treatments are normally administered in a series of sessions. This means you may not see results immediately after your first session and will have to follow up with our facility. Your results will slowly appear and allow you to achieve a more natural, youthful appearance. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes and is outpatient – allowing you to carry on with your usual lifestyle as scheduled.

Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals With Sculptra® in Houston

Take your first step today and give us a call to get your Sculptra injection in Houston. You deserve to feel your best in your own skin. Whether you want to fix the wrinkles or fine lines on your face, create more volume in certain areas, or create new contours – Sculptra may be the solution to your concerns. This versatile treatment allows you to gain your natural, youthful-looking skin once again. Call today and let our skilled team help you get rid of signs of aging.