5 myths and 5 facts about Vampire Facial – Vampire Face Lift

You probably are apprised of several cosmetic treatments and procedures available in the market that help achieve the appearance you desire. However, with elapsing years of more refined and more efficient techniques are being discovered.

Facial treatments or Vampire Face Lift have always been the talk of the town for their quick and effective results. One such exotic facial enticing mass (mostly females individuals) is the Vampire Facial treatment. It has become a trend on social media, where mainly female celebs post their face covered with their blood.

If you are eager to learn about this treatment, you are at an apt place. So let’s dive into the details and glean its various aspects.

Vampire Facial - Vampire Face Lift treatment

What is Vampire Facial Treatment?

The Vampire Facial also known as Vampire Face lift is a cosmetic treatment related to the face that rejuvenates the skin and removes wrinkles using your platelet concentrated blood. It comprises two procedures, namely Microneedling and Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, to attain the desired results.

First, a certified medical practitioner will draw out your blood in small quantities for skin treatment purposes because your body will readily accept your blood without any potential complications. Then taken blood is centrifuged to concentrate the plasma, enhancing its regenerating and repairing efficiency. This centrifuged plasma of blood incorporates platelets (that help in regeneration) and is more effective. The therapy is also known as Platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Microneedling is the process in which medical practitioners use Micro Needles to inject the PRP made from your blood. They puncture the skin introducing the plasma that will help repair the tissues and cells of your skin. It can considerably subside the flaws caused by natural aging or exposure to direct sunlight and pollution. Thus, minimizing the despicable wrinkles, acne, and fine line of the skin. On the whole, it aids in achieving an appearance that is more healthful and glowing with tighter and youthful skin.

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5 Prevalent Myths about Vampire Facial/Vampire Face Lift 

To be honest, with every constructive procedural change in the medical field, untrue facts or misconceptions follow due to the lack of proper awareness. Below, we have shed light upon some prevalent myths related to “Vampire Facial treatment.” Unfortunately, these stupefy many who come across these on either the internet or while gossiping.

1. There is cosmetic surgery of the face involved in the Vampire Facial procedure.

Over the internet, if you search for this Vampire Facial, many links will take you to the discussions and blogs where many feel that it is a kind of surgery involving scarring operations. They think it incorporates skin removal through scalpels, saws, forceps, etc. And this false conception makes them believe that it leaves small scars due to stitching and other invasive procedures.

However, the entire case is the opposite. The treatment is truly a non-surgical procedure, requiring the safe puncture of face skin to introduce the Platelet-rich plasma with Micro-needles. The micro-needling is based on the principle that your body will heal itself wherever it detects wear and tear.

Clearly, this procedure does not require any stitches or other surgical procedures.

2. Vampire Facials can cause permanent damage to the skin or other complications.

To be honest, this is an entirely wrong perception. A large chunk has a widely accepted notion that blood means something harmful. Given that, this treatment where the microneedling process involves the trivial amount of blood on the face entails the same negative perception.

However, that blood seen on the post-treatment face is in a non-significant amount. It is the outcome of an innocuous needling procedure that is vital for triggering your skin to undergo self-healing.

Besides, the advancement in science and technology has provided secure and effective techniques lowering the risk of any complications to nix.

3. The Microneedling segment of the treatment is just a trendy yet futile procedure

This myth has lured attention due to the trend on the social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc., where generally female celebs post their pictures. Their faces would be covered in blood and yet looks astonishing to many as this procedure stands due to the involvement of one’s own blood. So, people considered the Vampire Facial as something rich people will do just to be in vogue and gain popularity.

Hence, the true purpose it serves by rejuvenating the skin masks behind false conceptions.

So, it is not a futile procedure at all. As the massage with Platelet-rich plasma followed by the Microneedling markedly shows the desired results. The body, after this treatment, activates the healing process, and the platelet-rich plasma boosts the healing. The trick is that with healing, your face will attain a youthful look.

4. The recovery process will take too much time, wasting a lot of my time.

You can return to your work 1-2 days after the facial treatment. The entire procedure will take around one hour to be performed thoroughly. Then your face will have a considerable amount of redness along with swelling in some areas. Hence, just after the treatment, it is not recommendable.

You should let these side-effects subside by giving at least one day. And if you are not concerned with your appearance as compared to work, you can use some makeup and get back to your work from the next day. So, if you yearn for a better appearance, don’t hesitate if the healing process might take time. However, you need only one day to complete and get used to the temporary after-effects.

5. It is an excruciating procedure

The myth gained attention due to the visible blood over the face. This visible blood and reddishness interlinks with the pain, which is a general notion among people. Besides, some people posted online grumbling about the agony they had to suffer during the treatment.

However, medical practitioners who are experienced and well-versed with procedural techniques use effective numbing creams. They conduct the whole treatment only after numbing the area with an appropriate numbing solution.

5 Facts about the “Vampire Facial.”

5 Facts about the “Vampire Facial.”

After exploring all the myths that have confused the patients and frustrated the medical practitioners, below we listed 5 points stating the facts are elucidating this Vampire Face Lift.

1. Promotes tissue repair and new cell development.

As opposed to several dermal fillers, this procedure using the regeneration capability of your body will heal and repair the broken tissues. Besides, it also helps in the growth of new cells in the body for better skin as the plasma enriched with platelets further speeds up the process.

In addition, the micro-needling tricks the body, making it believe about an injury. Thus, the body starts up the healing process by triggering stem cells that develop new cells at the injured part.

2. Introduced over 30 years ago to heal orthopedic injuries.

The procedure dates back where it was introduced with the objective to heal by regenerating the tissues at a specific region operated during orthopedic surgeries for wound healing. Later, it lured the practitioners and researchers. They tested it for several PRP treatments like prp joint injections, prp hair restoration, prp for sexual wellness such as O-shot and P-shot and later for facial purposes.

3. You can notice its results in about one month after the recovery is sufficient.

The desired results are achieved by complying with the advice of your appointed physician. They will recommend massaging creams and few medications for curtailing any potential infections and swelling. However, it usually takes around one month to start seeing desired results as reddishness and swelling would be minimal or completely gone.

4. The Vampire facial will lighten up the skin and remove wrinkles and scarring.

The entire treatment discussed above is related to the productive process of Natural healing. And skin punctured after the Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy will effectively rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level tightening it while forming new cells. Besides, with the formation of cells, any persisting scarring will also become non-existent.

5. It is suitable for all skin types but more beneficial to sensitive skin.

With the absence of invasive procedures, resurfacing, or skin ablation. The Vampire facial/ Vampire Face Lift forms the apt choice for everyone. However, the individual with a sensitive skin type does not opt for invasive procedures, including synthetic filler. Eventually, this treatment is far better than other synthetic filler treatments that require surgical procedures.

suitable for all skin types but more beneficial to sensitive skin.

Concluding Thoughts
As of now, you might have received an ample understanding of the whole concept with myths and facts about the “Vampire Facial Houston” prevailing over the internet. The procedure is safe and secure, delivering the results to you in some time spent. However, various people spread the misconceptions that we debunked in this article by stating valid explanations. So, if you want to enhance your look without any invasive surgical treatments, this treatment is a No-brainer! check out this blog to learn more about vampire facials.

At ShineMD Medspa and Liposuction Center, we try to guide our clients with depth knowledge about the procedure they are willing to go through. This way, we try to build trust so that our clients are aware of the process and do not have any misleading information. We believe that if you believe what you are getting done, you will have confidence, and thus the results will come out to be better!

 beneficial to sensitive skin.

Here at ShineMD Medspa & Liposuction Centre in Houston, TX, we give you Vampire Face Lift solutions. So, please book an appointment with us today and get a one-on-one consultation with the best board-certified Vampire Face Lift  specialists in town. You can call us at 832.509.5099 to schedule an appointment also. Read ahead, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know—one step at a time.

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