Stem cell injection- Is the treatment painful?

Do you feel chronic joint pain for some reason?

Painkillers are not safe for your health, and you do not prefer a surgical process of restoring your affected knees and arthritic shoulders. Thus, one of the best therapeutic options for you is to undergo a stem cell injection therapy.

Although you have heard about this treatment, you may not know about the treatment process and its effects. You can ask a question- Is stem cell therapy safe for me? We have discussed the details of this treatment for you. To get the best stem cell treatment USA, you can come to our clinic, ShineMD Medspa. We established this clinic in Houston, Texas, and our clinics have made the real effort to achieve success.

Stem Cell Injections

Have a concept of stem cells

Stem cells work as the natural repair kit of a body. While you are injured, stem cells of your body hit the injured part to start the recovery process. However, in some severe cases, those cells do not reach the injured portion. That is why you cannot find proper healing of your injury.

From where do clinicians derive stem cells for your therapy?

In the modern clinical world, physicians take stem cells from your body. It is one of the safest and fastest processes, which needs the collection of fat cells or bone marrow, containing stem cells. Then, clinicians inject those stem cells back into your affected body parts.

After the delivery of stem cells with injections, they will start duplicating themselves into cells of different types, based on their location. However, this process may not work for those who have no cartilage. Loss of cartilage can cause bone deformity and erosion. For this reason, patients with this problem do not find the desired result from stem cell therapy.

One of the best instructions for you is not to delay your joint pain treatment. You will have the positive effects of stem cell treatment.

Is stem cell therapy painful?

The advancements in the medical field have resulted in the innovation of non-invasive stem cell therapy. You will not feel pain during your treatment sessions. This therapy is an effective and natural way of managing your joint disorders.

To get better results, you can combine stem cell therapy with PRP therapy and promote the recovery process. Our clinic provides service for both these treatments. You will have the solution at a reasonable price rate.

Stem cell injection benefits

You may have thought that stem cell injection works only for joint pain and knee pain. However, it is also useful to treat the liver disorder, neurological disease, blood issues, metabolic problems, immune disorders, and spinal cord injuries. Thus, you are going to get a range of therapeutic solutions with this safe treatment. Lots of patients, undergoing this therapy, have not felt negative side effects.

To know whether you are the right candidate for stem cell injection, you can speak to our clinicians. We will help you to learn more about this therapy.

what is Stem Cell Injections

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