Priapus Shot! How can Improved Sexual Function For Men?

It is frustrating for a man to lose sexual function with the natural aging process. Declining erections (erectile dysfunction or ED) may prevent you from enjoying intimacy with your spouse. In addition, the reduction in the level of testosterone can cause many symptoms. Some men look for surgical treatment to solve these problems. However, the safest and non-surgical option available to you is Priapus Shot. For male enhancement and for restoring sexual health, the Platelet Rich Plasma technique is the best choice.

Priapus Shot!

The priapus shot does more than improving sexual function for men.

The Priapus-Shot works as an effective regenerative treatment, using the growth factors from platelet-rich plasma to stimulate the penis for sexual dysfunction-related issues. First, the specialists draw blood and treat it using a centrifuge machine. The process helps concentrate the healing elements in the blood into platelet-rich plasma PRP.

 A local anesthetic cream is applied over the penis before injection. Your provider will use a tiny needle for injection. Due to numbing effect of the local anesthetic, the procedure is painless. In addition, this injection is effective for regenerating the blood vessels and muscle tissue. The overall process takes 10 to 20 minutes, and the result can last for a year.

Dr. Charles Runels named the procedure priapus shot.

Various remedies from P-Shot injection

The most common issue for men is indeed erectile dysfunction. However, some men also face several other challenges. According to Priapus shot research, the best fact is that Priapus shot injection helps reduce various issues, including prostate discomfort and urinary incontinence.

Many therapists combine it with other erectile dysfunction treatments to provide you with the best results. These unique and innovative techniques build strength and firmness in the tissues.

The researchers have also found that the Priapus Shot procedure is one of the remedies to Peyronie’s disease, a condition resulting in scars on the penis and painful erections. These problems can cause a bend in your penis. P-Shot improves the health of the penis, and that is why it can cure Peyronie’s disease,

After 4 hours of taking a P-Shot injection, you can engage in sexual activity. However, to get the optimal result from the process, you may use a Vacuum Erection Device twice every day.

You know that the Priapus shot injection of PRP helps grow blood vessels and tissues of the chosen part. Thus, while having better penile sensitivity, you can find a bigger-sized penis.

Penile pumps are beneficial after the priapus shot. Pumps will help spread growth factors, stem cells, and penile tissue and may help achieve a longer length and girth of the penis and significantly improve sexual performance.

The larger penis and longer erections will also cause an increase in the self-confidence of every man. Most men have found an increase in their penis girth and length by ½ inch.

Happy couple

Priapus shot treatment can be combined with acoustic wave therapy for ED to enhance the results and higher satisfaction rates. Acoustic wave therapy consists of treatment with low-intensity sound waves, which helps improve blood flow in the penis.

PRP can be used in female sexual wellness to rebuild the vaginal tissue, and the procedure is called O-Shot.

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