Can you do laser Hair Removal at home? Find The Best Professionals For This Solution

One of the best ways to have smooth, soft skin is to remove the unwanted hair. Threading and shaving are very common ways of removing the body hair at your home. However, to get the faster and long-lasting results, you may rely on laser hair removal process. It is a clinical process with concentrated beam of laser. The main question is, can you do laser hair removal at home? and the answer is no. Laser hair removal treatment required special laser which can only be used by certified medical professionals who are trained to perform laser treatments.

The laser beam, applied by a device, plays a role in removing the hair. The melanin pigment of our hair absorbs the laser energy, and then, there is a conversion of light energy into heat. This heat affects the tube-like sacs (producing hair) in our skin. The damage, caused for laser, inhibits the growth of hair.

Although the modern laser hair removal process can delay the growth of hair, it may not give you permanent result. You have to go through the treatment for maintenance of the best condition of your skin. This process works best for those, who have dark hair and light skin.

 laser Hair Removal at home

Is a laser hair removal technique right for you?

Mostly commonly, the laser hair removal is applicable for the-

  • Bikini line
  • Upper lip
  • Armpits
  • Chin
  • Legs

Skin type and hair color can affect the success and effectiveness of laser-based hair removal process. Instead of the skin pigment, your hair pigment has to absorb the laser light. Thus, the clinicians apply the laser beam in a way that it does not damage your skin.

Some of us think that minimal contrast between our skin color and hair color can increase the risk. However, the innovation of better standard laser technology has eliminated those risks.

 laser Hair Removal process

Minimizing the side effect of laser hair removal

The physician may give you some tips for preparing yourself laser hair removal.

  • Keep away from the direct rays of the sun-
  • Any the cream that causes the skin to become darkened
  • Do not take blood thinning drugs and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Do not apply shaving and trimming process for parts that need laser treatment

You may find swelling and redness after going through the laser hair removal treatment. To prevent discomfort, you can apply some ice blocks to those parts. The physicians may also use a special cream for the affected parts.

Can you rely on DIY laser hair removal at your home?

Can you rely on DIY laser hair removal at your home?

You can find lasers that you may use at your home for removing your hair. However, those devices would not be effective for eliminating hair from different parts of our body. That is why you can look for the best clinic, where you can safely undergo the treatment.

Minimizing the side effect of laser hair removal-

Shinemdmedspa, located in Texas and Houston, is the most reputed clinic, where you can find laser hair removal service at a reasonable price.

You will get the result after 2 to 5 treatments with laser technology. However, you have to speak to the professionals to know the interval between these sessions. On some body parts, you can find faster hair growth, while for other parts, there is a slower growth of body hair. Call 832.509.5099 or use this link to book your free consultation today.

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