Introduction To Stem Cell Therapy

Recently stem cell therapy is one of the boons for the world with the blessings of science and technology. Stem cell therapy or regenerative therapy helps repair an injured tissue with the help of the stem cell or its components.

One of the medical therapies that will be will be helpful for many medical diseases and disorders. Before understanding all about stem cell therapy and how it is helpful in the medical field, let us learn what are the stem cells.

What Are The Stem Cells?

The master cells of the body the stem cells are the cells that lead further to the generation of other cells that perform the functions of the body. When the environment and the conditions are right these stem cells start to divide. After their division, they form more number of cells which are known as the daughter cells. These newly formed daughter cells act as the new stem cells performing various functions of the body.

But there are several factors why scientists, doctors, and researches from all over the world have started to consider stem cells as a blessing. They help to get a better understanding of how various diseases start to form in both. These stem cells also work as a replacement to the cells whose conditions have deteriorated. Also for checking the drugs, these stem cells play an important role.

If you are wondering where do these stem cells naturally originate from, then don’t worry we have the answer for you. These stem cells form from either the embryonic stem cells, perinatal, or the adult stem cells. Also, it has been noted that adult cells can be further altered to obtain the properties of embryonic stem cells.

How Long Can We Expect The Stem Cell Therapy To Work?

As soon as the stem cells are injected inside the body of the patient, the work starts. These stem cells target the area and start to continuously form new cells for 1 year. Even though the new cell formation process continues for 1 year, patients have reported relief in just 1 or a maximum of 2 weeks.

It has been noted that most of the people who undergo stem cell therapy especially for their joint or muscle problems have reported that found the relief that they wished for! And it didn’t even take a huge span but just a few weeks.

Will Stem Cell Therapy Suit Me?

Till now stem cell therapy has given some promising results. Patients have said that they have found more relief than they thought it would bring. But this stem cell therapy isn’t suitable for everyone. People who have some ongoing medical ailment, cancer, a blood disorder, or even some infections should not go for stem cell therapy.

Have a good consultation with your doctor before opting for stem cell therapy. Go for a reputed center for this type of therapy. Different types of stem cells can work on different functions.

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