10 things to know before liposuction

Liposuction is a very common surgery to remove fat from the target area. Even though it is common, many are not aware of ordinary questions about liposuction. Today, in this article, we will highlight the same as us:

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Find 10 things to know before liposuction:

1.A surgery that can break down an ample amount of subcutaneous fat in various target areas under the skin is known as liposuction or liposculpture. This fat is that stubborn fat which even after the rigorous exercise is not possible to remove.

  1. Which areas of the body are the liposuction performed on?

Liposuction can be performed on the double chin, breast, ankle, back, budge, neck back, upper and bottom of the arms, inner and outer thigh, abdomen, muffin top, bra strap area, and love handles.

  1. Who can get the liposuction done?

Liposuction is only for healthy people who have been eating right and working out with no serious health condition. The doctor suggests that these people should first work out on the desired section of their body and when its stubborn fat is not reducing then liposuction can be considered.

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  1. Does liposuction mean an easy weight loss process?

No. Liposuction is a simple fat reduction process which was unable to reduce even after exercise and diet. The exact amount of fat to be reduced is upon the doctor after carefully studying the health condition of the patient.

  1. What to prepare before the liposuction surgery?

The plastic surgeon will prepare patients as to what all precautions they need to take. Alcohol should be avoided for a week before the surgery. Moreover, people should follow fasting 12 hours before the surgery.

  1. What scaring can be expected after the liposuction surgery?

As the cannula is used which is tiny equipment, it left a minute mark on the skin of the person. The number of scars depends on the number of places the surgery takes place. The scaring is directly proportional to the skin type of person.

  1. What results should a person expect from surgery?

Surgeons always ask to expect realistic results. As liposuction is a simple stubborn fat removal process, one cannot expect wonders. The results are up to the desired area and a drastic weight loss is not seen.liposuction treatment


  1. Will you experience pain during liposuction?

Surgery is performed only after general anesthesia is given to the patient. The anesthesia cuts down the sensation of the area where the surgery is supposed to take place and hence pain is generally not seen. Mild pain after the surgery can be expected for which the surgeon will give you painkillers if required. Over some time, the pain will gradually go away.

  1. Can exercise be resumed after the liposuction surgery?

Within a few days, one can get back to routine exercises. For the first two weeks, the doctor can ask you not to perform the rigorous exercise.

  1. Are there alternatives to liposuction?

Yes. These include radio waves, lasers, and exposure to cold to cut down on fat. Though these techniques are not always visible to every person and hence liposuction is generally considered for sure sort results.


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